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CZ, Nové Město pod Smrkem – On Bike and On Foot

Published: 28.5.2020
As summer approaches, more and more of us set out on new experiences during our free days. The quarantine is gradually being released, offering more and more opportunities to spend time. This weekend we will look at Nové Město pod Smrkem, which is located in the Liberec region. The city lies in the Jizera Mountains, almost on the border with Poland. There are historic churches, a museum and a mausoleum. However, tourists usually come here for more sporting activities. And so it is with us.

There is the so-called Singltrek pod Smrkem, which is the first Czech area created for off-road bicycles. Singltrek has expanded over the years and today there are 80 kilometers of trails, which stretch on the Czech and Polish side. Routes are usually narrower forest paths, where there is no shortage of roots, stones and other obstacles in the form of various bumps and bends. They are an ideal environment for mountain off-road bikes, without them few visitors will enjoy the ride. However, right at the (unofficial) start of the Singltrek, there is an excellent bicycle rental - Centrum U Kyselky, where they will also advise you on the selection, get a map with circuits and after the ride you can have a great snack and sit with other cyclists.

Singltrek   cestou na Smrk

Nové Město pod Smrkem offers a lot of accommodation options during the normal regime and a large camp located in a beautiful setting next to the forest and a natural swimming pool on the outskirts of the city, which also serves as the official starting point for Singltrek (Singltrek Center). Singltrek routes are divided into green, blue, red and black according to difficulty. However, there is nothing to be afraid of, it always depends on you how much you dare to set off in the field. The reward will be an almost adrenaline experience and also the beautiful nature all around. During the ride, be sure to stop for a snack at the Hubertka or U Sudu cabins, both restaurants are open.

U Sudu

As Singltrek is only open in the Czech part due to the closure of the border, which can be comfortably driven in one day, it is offered to go on a walking day the next day if you decide to spend the whole weekend in Nové Město pod Smrkem. And as you can see in the name of the town, it lies below the Smrk mountain, which is the highest in the Czech Jizerské Mountains. The peak reaches a height of 1124 m above sea level and there is a steel lookout tower, which was opened in 2003. The lookout tower is climbed by a nice forest path in beautiful nature with full views of the surroundings.

rozhledna na Smrku

Not far from the lookout tower is the Körner monument with a memorial plaque. Theodor Körner was a popular German poet who climbed this peak in 1809. From Smrk, you can descend the so-called Heavenly Ladder, which is a wooden, 630-meter-long trail. You can then continue best to the beautiful rocky viewpoint Paličník following the blue sign, from here following the yellow to Hájený waterfall. The natural scenery is amazing all the way here. Behind the waterfalls at the Bartlova bouda signpost, the green sign turns to the right and leads to our already well-known Hubertka cottage, from where you can beautifully get back along the forest roads back to Nové Město pod Smrkem.

Nebeský žebřík   Körnerův pomník

cestou na Hájený vodopád   cestou na Hájený vodopád

GPS: 50°55'37.6"N 15°14'45.4"E

Text and photos: Veronika Schubertová

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