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CZ: Novy Hradec Kralove – To Nature

Published: 21.7.2016
Before the inhabitants of Hradec Kralove decide go to see nature beyond their city they should explore some of their boroughs. Novy Hradec Kralove offers everything what town people look for in the Orlice and Krkonose mountains – clean nature, forests, ponds, trails for bikers. There are also trails for people on wheelchair.

Our journey starts at Baroque-style church of St Antonin Poustevnik. It sits close to the nature reserve. We can get there by a trolleybus or by car (in the direction to  Olomouc).

church of St Antonin Poustevnik

Ringing bells of a church nearby welcome us. Apart from two bells the church contains two altars, and an organ. The equipment was brought here from two demolished churches originaly located on Slezske Predmesti. The new church's name comes from the original church - church of St Antonin. However, only equipment was left from the other church - church of St Jakub.

The link between Novy Hradec Kralove and Slezske Predmesti is no coincidence. Josef II decided to create a fort out of the town. Therefore, many suburbs were demolished. The inhabitants resettled at near forest. They foudned a new borough of the town which was named Novy Hradec Kralove (New Hradec Kralove).

the vista of the city

Let's us continue to the ruin of Renaissance chateau. In the time of the resetlement of the inhabitants of Hradec Kralove it was rebuilt in the Baroque style. There is, however, nothing left of it. Well, perhaps several stones and some hard to see remains of underground corridors. These are situated near timbered church and a cemetery close to it.

Those of you who like interesting things will get what you want. By following a trail from the church called Galactic trail (there are eleven information boards along it) there is a water tower which is close to 40 meters high situated on St Jan hill. The tower was built in the years 1936–37 by Bratri Capouskove company. It was supposed to supply local residents with water. If you get lucky you can visit the water tower. In this case you can climb 220 steps on its top. The whole city is visible from there and even more:  Krkonose mountains and the  Orlicke mountains, the latter being closer to the city.

water tower

Let's us get back to the Galactictrail. It guides us through entire universe including Novy Hradec. It finishes at astronomocial observatory of Novy Hradec. The trail has about 9,5 kilometers. However, about a 2-kilometer section where you learn detailed information on objects in our galaxy would be sufficient for you. Fairy Trail is intended rather for families with children. There are all kinds of fairy tale creatures like bubak, hejkal, dragon, or dwarf waiting to meet children.

digital planetarium

Once you cross the road (to Vysoké Mýto) there are trails which take you to children castle hidden in forest. What can pose an interesting thing for you is a forest animal cemetery.

direction boards   pond

Let's get back to New Novy Hradec. It is quite lively all year round around Cikan pond for there is a restaurant and a children's playground. There is a place where people can catch fish or take a swim on hot summer days. We return back to downtown after we had drank a lemonade a while earlier. There we set off to home.

GPS: (church of St Antonin Poustevnik) 50°10'37.8"N 15°51'19.1"E


Text: Lenka Šlezingrová

Photos: Lenka Šlezingrová, Wikimedia Commons: Karpac

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