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CZ, Pardubice – A Gingerbread Paradise

Published: 13.1.2021
When we say Pardubice, most of us immediately think of gingerbread. Delicious honey pastries are so inseparably connected with Pardubice that they have practically become their symbol. We have visited this statutory city several times, but we are happy to return here, because it always surprises us with something.

During the cold winter days we went for a walk through the city center. The first thing we saw were shops with decorated gingerbread, we were also attracted by stalls with painted gingerbread. Gingerbread is simply a souvenir, without which no visitor to Pardubice will return home.

Pardubice, (c) archiv Destinační společnost Východní Čechy

Gingerbread also penetrated into the everyday life of the city in the names of various competitions and social enterprises. Did you know that the city even has its own gingerbread king? This is what Pavel Janoš became, the current owner of the family business, whose tradition dates back to the beginning of the 20th century.

Pardubice, (c) archiv Destinační společnost Východní Čechy

Pardubice Live Gingerbread

Pardubice is rightly proud of its typical product and pays close attention to the tradition of combining gingerbread and the city. The renowned folklore ensemble Perníček has been active in the town for many decades, for example local dance competitions are connected with gingerbread - "For gingerbread slippers" or "Gingerbread daisy". The town really lives with gingerbread, as evidenced by the number of events (Honey Ball, Awakening and Saving Ježibaba for hibernation, Medobraní, Meeting of Jeníčky and Mařenek, etc.) that you can visit here during the year, ie if the measures related to the pandemic are gone.

Pardubice, (c) archiv Destinační společnost Východní Čechy

Our goal is the Gingerbread Cottage, which houses the Gingerbread Museum. It is located in a forest near the castle Kunětická hora just outside the city. Many events and adventure programs take place here. While adults will be fascinated by the history of the gingerbread craft and Pardubice gingerbread, an unusual reflection on the fairy tale About the Gingerbread Cottage is prepared for children. The exhibitions contain over a thousand gingerbread from all over the country.

Pardubice, (c) archiv Destinační společnost Východní Čechy

At the beginning of May, the Gingerbread Festival is held every year at the Pardubice chateau. The program is really rich, from the performances of folklore ensembles, among which the Pardubice Perníček has a privileged position, through demonstrations of the production and decoration of gingerbread to competitions in its eating.

Pardubice, (c) archiv Destinační společnost Východní Čechy

Gingerbread is also associated with Honey Days, which is organized annually by the local beekeepers' association as part of the autumn city festivities. During this event, various beekeepers will gather in the city to celebrate the holidays of this unique bee product.

Pardubice, (c) archív Destinační společnost Východní Čechy

Pardubice, (c) archív Destinační společnost Východní Čechy   Pardubice, (c) archív Destinační společnost Východní Čechy

Gingerbreads are also an integral part of Christmas. You can buy them in the service windows of many cafes. The menu includes rum gingerbread, rye gingerbread, gingerbread cheescake, but also coffee or chocolate sprinkled with gingerbread spices or flavored with gingerbread liqueur.

Pardubice, (c) archív Destinační společnost Východní Čechy

So if you are a gingerbread lover, be sure not to miss a visit to their kingdom. For those who don't like this sweet treat, we offer tips on other attractions of the city here.

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Source and photos: the archives of Destinační společnost Východní Čechy (www.vychodnicechy.info)

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