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CZ, Petrov: Hadi Skala– A View in Sazava

Published: 23.3.2014
There are many beautiful views in the Sazava river in the region of Central-Bohemia. One of them is on a rocky top of Hadi Skala. The view is over a valley right in front of the town of Davle, where the Sazava meets the Vltava River. A circular route mostly goes through forests and easy terrain. The route is 6 kilometers long. The start place is the town of Petrov. From there we follow the yellow path.


The yellow trail goes along the road No 104 heading to Jilove (U Rucicek St) from the center of Petrov. Right next to pedestrian crossing it turns right to a pathway. The pathway will take us to mixed forest of Trestibook natural landmark. Also a final part of circular trail comes to this place. You will return on this trail. (You can park there).

Petrov, cesta na Hadí skálu

On the beginning there are other trails that bikers and families pushing strollers made there. So do not get confused. By bee hives turn right. A forest trail is comfortable and well-marked. After 2 km you get to Hadi Skala, 100 m above the river, to Trestibok observation platform. Its name comes after the look of rocks to which raft shattered. On southern hillside there are parts of rocky steppe the upper part of which has forest there. There is still original fauna and flora of central Bohemia. This place is considered an important biocorridor. Even this rock carries its name for a reason. You can encounter there Viper berus, slowworm, salamander, ring snakes, lizards, and horned owls. Slate terrain is great for sunbathing, so beware when admiring landscape on a rocky hillside over the valley of the Sazava to Luka pod Mednikem and railroad heading to Pikovice on the opposite side.

Petrov, cesta na Hadí skáluPetrov, cesta na Hadí skáluPetrov, cesta na Hadí skálu

Petrov, vyhlídka Třeštibok

We continue in forest along the yellow path. We descend across a creek to Na Zlatych Dolich village with cottages and then to Bohuliby village. The latter saw gold mining in the Middle-Ages, trouts in the Zahoransky creek and beginning of tramping in Bohemia. Today, a cycling route runs through there. It continues from Jilove u Prahy, a region well-known for gold mining. Bohuliby is an autonomous district of Petrov. In Petrov, gold mines were closed in 1968. It is named after deity of locals or perhaps it comes from the fact that there is gold. Who knows…

Petrov, vyhlídka TřeštibokPetrov, cesta do osady Na Zlatých dolíchPetrov, osada Na Zlatých dolích

Petrov, osada Na Zlatých dolích

The road begins to climb. It goes around new housing estates to meadows. We won’t get to another signpost. If yes, we can continue to Jilove and get to tourist trail Jilovska vyhlidka. If not, we return about 10 steps back and turn to grassy pathway running below power line poles. A comfortable flat road will take us back to the starting place. In this part the trail has no any signs on it. However, there are no other options.


Text and photo: Monika Babická

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