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CZ, The Ploučnice River – Getting on Water During Quarantene

Published: 23.4.2020
Current unfortunate times do not completely wish classical and often very social canoeing, unfortunately we really can't go rafting with a group today, but the regime is gradually being relaxed, and thus we have the opportunity to take advantage of more interesting outdoor activities.

If you are tired walks, tennis or beach volleyball, you can rent a canoe and go down a beautiful Czech river at least in two. The water is still extremely icy, but the sun is gradually gaining strength, so unwanted disembarkation is in the end rather a fun refreshment. But just to be sure, pack your wetsuits with you, it's still April.

Další aktivitou, kterou můžete v karanténě dělat, je sjíždění řeky.

And what Czech river to go then? If you want to relax from overcrowded parks and escape to the almost deserted nature, try the narrow river Ploučnice. It springs below Ještěd in the Liberec district and flows through the districts of Česká Lípa and Děčín, where it directly flows into the Elbe in Děčín. Ploučnice is 106 kilometers long and has two springs at the beginning. The river flows through beautiful nature, where meadows, forests and occasional rock gaps alternate, which, along with other rock formations, also attract hiking in the wide surroundings of the river. There are many species of plants and animals, some of which are endangered species (eg kingfisher). Each paddler usually meets at least a lot of wild ducks and here and see a beautiful heron.


Ploučnice differs from classic boating rivers mainly by its number of meanders and various natural obstacles in the flow, when sometimes it is really a challenge to come up with an ideal route. At a time when the river has not yet been cut for paddlers, expect increased difficulty and the occasional transfer of the boat through the fallen logs.

Ploučnice   Ploučnice

It usually departs from a sandstone gorge near the village of Noviny pod Ralskem, which passes into a gorge (Průrva Ploučnice). We continue through meanders in the meadows to Česká Lípa, then through Ralsko to Mimona. Behind it is the Boreček camp, which serves as a stop for an overnight stay and a boarding point for the next part of the cruise, which passes through the original military area of ​​Ralsko. From there it sails to Brenná - exit point, located 15 kilometers from Boreček. Ploučnice is a quiet river with only small rapids. However, its treachery lies in numerous meanders, a narrow riverbed and a huge number of obstacles on the way (especially in the period before cutting). Count on the fact that if you do not get wet, you will definitely get dirty when overcoming fallen trees or while passing through various grids. But you'll be rewarded with an absolutely beautiful, diverse landscape all around. Overall, Ploučnice can sail 90 kilometers, but it depends on the amount of water.

Ploučnice – před průrvou

Boat rental works here, so you don't have to have your own boat.

GPS: 50°41'16.3"N 14°45'52.5"E


Text and photos: Veronika Schubertová

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