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CZ, Praha – Milíčovský Forest and Nature Trail

Published: 20.8.2020
The forest-park on the south-eastern edge of Prague, founded at the beginning of the 18th century as a part of the Milíčov Court, is perfect for a walk on a hot summer day. The paths take you to relaxation areas, a children's playground or ponds where people can swim. However, bathing dogs is prohibited.

Milíčovský les a naučná stezka

Milíčov Forest is part of the Botič-Milíčov Nature Park and is located on the outskirts of Prague's South Town. It is accessible from several sides and mostly deciduous vegetation crosses many paths. The main asphalt road is used by cyclists and mothers with a pram, and the nature trail with information panels will introduce you to the local flora and fauna. Several ponds, ponds and a habitat provide a home to many aquatic animals. Of course also flying insects.

Milíčovský les a naučná stezka   Milíčovský les a naučná stezka

The good news is that wetlands and reeds are being created here and new, bringing the water back to the landscape. The amount of water depends on what the forest will look like and what woody plants will grow naturally in it. As you can read from the information boards, the forest is not only represented by trees or mushrooms and blueberries, the forest ecosystem also includes soil, water, moss, herbs and the microclimate that the forest creates.

Milíčovský les a naučná stezka

Milíčov Forest is a very old forest, which is not common in Prague and its surroundings. Most of Prague's forests were founded during the 20th century. You can recognize the old forest by the number of species of herbs that grow in it. In the Milíčov Forest you will find flowers that have been growing here for hundreds of years and trees whose majesty will captivate you.

Milíčovský les a naučná stezka   Milíčovský les a naučná stezka

Milíčovský les a naučná stezka

The nature trail will take you to five ponds. The Kančí and Homolka ponds are among the most ecologically important. Homolka Pond also belongs to Prague's historically valued ponds and is part of the protected area of the natural monument Milíčov Forest and Ponds. According to the age of the oaks on the dam, its origin dates back at least to the beginning of the 18th century. The ponds are fed by the catchment area of the Milíčovský brook, which is a tributary of the Botič. On the contrary, the Křtiny pond, which is located at stop no. 3, is fed with rainwater from the roofs of the residential complex.

Milíčovský les a naučná stezka   Milíčovský les a naučná stezka

Part of the nature trail is Milíčovská Alley, planted in 2009, which leads past pastures for horses of the Prague Mounted Police. Nearby is a zoo with snacks and outdoor seating. In the Milíčov Forest you will also find the Forest Tree Between Trees, which organizes a program for children from 3 to 6 years of age during their summer holidays, focusing on nature and their stay in it.

Milíčovský les a naučná stezka   Milíčovský les a naučná stezka

Milíčovský les a naučná stezka

GPS: 50°01'37.1"N 14°32'25.9"E

Text and photos: Monika Babická

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