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CZ, Prerov – The City Fortified by History

Published: 11.11.2021
Today we will roam around in Moravia, the region of Olomouc. We visit the city of Prerov, a great place for holidaymakers and also an imporant city in the region which is only 20 kilometers from Olomouc.

The town Prerov through which the river of Becva. To an ordinary tourist it offers a renovated chateau, beautiful fortification with tower, colorful renaissance houses, well-maintained greenery. However, you can unveil the true fac of the city once you hit its streets, sit at a cafe and start observing its vibrant life. It is really fast.

the vista of the city on the Becva

You will see many kinds of stores all around the city which you wouldn't think could exist. And also there are many paradoxes of kinds of parking lots and roads which cut lots of city's beauty.

Horní square (Renaissance)

Anyway, we recommend you to visit the city's landmark zone on Horni square. It is dominated by the aforementioned renaissance chateau. It is the very first place in the world where a museum dedicated to John A. Comenius was founded. In case you decide to see the exhibitions for yourselves, you will learn not only about this so called teacher of the nations but also you will see classrooms of different time periods. Moreover, we strongly recommend you to take get up on the chateau tower. ON its top, you will see its beautiful bells and also the vista of the city. Be sure to see the Corvinus house, a place where alegedly Matthias Corvinus lived.

Horní náměstí (renesanční zámek)

Horní náměstí (renesanční domy a památník)   Horní náměstí (renesanční domy a lípy)

The chateau and Horni square are situated on a hill (a travertie hill). A massive fortification line it on the side of the River Becva. The wall sees many cultural events througt the year. A unique connection between the walls and the square provides this "lunge" street. It is hidden among renaissance houses. Once you get down from the walls, you will find yourselves on the river bank. Notice the Fishermen's alley. It emerged on a dike. For over 100 years it has been one of the characteristic features of the city. The Miroslav Tyrs bridge who founded the Sokol, has a large statue of a bison decorating it. Bison is actually the symbol of the city. Since 1872, the brewery of the same name (Zubr) has operated inside the bridge.

Horní náměstí (renesanční domy)

Horní náměstí (renesanční domy)   „výpadní“ ulička

There are many other places worthy your visit such as T. G. Masaryk square where is a fountain, Town house, St Lawrence church with a chapel etc.

Town House (to the left) St Lawrence church

Kings, the famous houses of Pernstejn and Zerotin contributed to the foundation of a city on this place in 1131. However, it has been settled since the Prehistory. Prerov is an important place of industrial companies and also the economic, cultural, and administrative center of the region.

T.G.Masary square   T.G.Masaryk square

There are many tourist trails which add to Prerov's tourism experience – City Walk. It is a joint Czech-Polish project. It invites tourists to a walk around the city during which they learn about its history, sights, and intersting places. The "Through Head of the Bridge to the Prehistry" trail displays rich archeological findings linked to the Palaeolithic society and also the so called "mammoth fauna". The trail "Through Prerov Woods" or "Following the War of 1866 in Prerov" are also worth your time. The city is friendly to people owning a bike. There are several bike trails the most interesting of them is a trail leading to the large Becva Bike Trail with the total lenght of 141 kilometers.

city fortification

This city of 40 thousand offers the visitor everything he would need. There are landmarks, picturesque places, interesting shops, nice cafes... Be sure not to skip visit of this Moravian city. 

 „back“ alley

GPS: 49°27'20.4"N 17°27'05.6"E

Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

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