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CZ, Radhost – The Home of Slav Sun God Radegast – VIDEO

Published: 23.5.2017
The legends say that Radegast lived on the summit of Radhost since time immemoriam. He was pagan god of sun, war, and victory. Today, Radhost, a 1192 meter mountain, still remains a place of pilgrimage. There is a beautiful church on its top. This and the vista are sure worth the hike.

There are several trails runing up to Radhost. The trail from Roznov pod Radhostem is the most difficult one. On the other hand, a short and easy trip is if you start out at Trojanovice. Take a cable car to Pustevny. A ridge trail around Radegast statue goes from there. It will get you up to the top of Radhost as well.

So, what is on the top? Late 19th century Cyril and Methodius chapel is probably the most well-known place. Inside, there is a memorial board commemorating the visit of President T. G. Masaryk. On chapel's gallery, you can see the surroundings into great distance in every direction. 

St Cyril and Methodius chapel

St Cyril and Methodius chapel   St Cyril and Methodius chapel

Hostynsko-Vsetinska highlands are situated to the south with the peaks of the Javorniky, and the Bile Karpaty mountains. Lysa Hora, Smrk, Knehyne, and Certuv Mlyn which all are peaks of the Beskydy, are situated to the east. The Mala Fatra ridge, and the peaks of the Tatras are visible further into the distance to the east.

the vista in the direction to Smrk   Pindula klippe

Ostravska Basin is situated to the nroth. Ondrejnik partially blocks the view. To the northeast, you notice Velky Javornik. Velky Roudny is just behind it. The Hruby Jesenik mountain ridge is further to the back from these mountains. To the west, there is the Nizky Jesenik range. In case of favorable weather conditions even the Alps, which are over 200 kilometers away, could be spotted.

the view in the direction to Valasske Mezirici

 Pay attention to the statue of Cyril and Methodius. According to a legend, they tore down the statue of God Radegast and played a cross on his place instead. Close to the peak of hte mountain, there is Hotel Radegast. There you can have some snack and than go on to the statue of Radegast made by Albin Polasek.

kaple sv. Cyrila a Metoděje

We can only recommend you to make a trip to Radhost mountain. May your trip be blessed with good weather! Despite being the summit of the sun god, the Beskydy is often veiled in dark clouds, and lashed by wind.

GPS: 49°28'58.2"N 18°15'11.9"E


Text, photos, and video: Matouš Vinš

Music: Kai Engel

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