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CZ, Soběhrdy: Farmapark – Fun for Entire Family

Published: 15.9.2019
The Central Bohemian Region abounds in a number of interesting and beautiful places. One of them is the village of Soběhrdy, where a unique family park with animals and attractions is located.

Approximately 7 km from Benešov (30 km from Prague) there is a seasonally opened large family Farmapark. To visit this place it is ideal to get out of the house by car. If you do not have such an option, we recommend using the bus lines going to the village or partner taxi service from the town of Benešov. There is also the possibility of so-called cycling.

Farmapark Soběhrdy

There are great parking options, so do not worry that there will be no space. The natural area is home to animals from around the world. In the immediate vicinity you can admire camels, kangaroos, ostriches, buffalos, llamas, ponies, goats, alpine cows, swans, mouflons, capybara etc.

Farmapark Soběhrdy

Farmapark Soběhrdy   Farmapark Soběhrdy

We are very pleased that all animal inhabitants have been created a remarkable living space with large enclosures that resemble their natural environment. Currently there live over 250 animals. Some of them can even be fed, of course, only a special diet for the species. Altogether there are over ten such opinions. Feeding is usually associated with expert commenting, so in addition to contact with animals and something to learn.

Farmapark Soběhrdy

Attractions are another integral part of the park. There are countless of them. You can take a walk through nature trails with your kids, jump on huge trampolines or bouncy castles, have fun on toboggans, climb ropes, explore the water world, swing on a rope swing, play an anthill game, build a sand castle or relax in hammocks. In case of bad weather there is also an indoor playroom with lots of toys, climbing frames and a stage.

Farmapark Soběhrdy

However, we will also try paid attractions, a tubing track, where we run on a rubber bike downhill full of corners. However, there is also a ride in a jeep, a train or in floating circles.

Farmapark Soběhrdy

Gradually we move to gastro operations, where we find cooked, grilled, sweet and savory treats and refreshing drinks. However, if you bring your food with you, you will find plenty of tables with seating. There is even a dining room with a microwave.

Farmapark Soběhrdy

The Farmpark offers an all-day walk experience in the fresh air where you can also enjoy a lavender walk, a cascade of water and a virtual reality experience. A souvenir info stand is a matter of course.

Farmapark Soběhrdy

During the season various events take place in the park, such as jumping weekends, theater and music performances and breeding clubs. Most of the events take place in the summer amphitheater or in the aforementioned indoor playroom.

Farmapark Soběhrdy

In conclusion, we have to mention a few numbers. The family park is visited by over 100 000 people a year, more than 100 employees take care of the area, and over 40 pups are born there each year, which together with other animals consume more than 200 tons of hay.

Farmapark Soběhrdy   Farmapark Soběhrdy

Farmapark is a real place for some family fun, which brings the animal world closer.

GPS: 49°49'24.7"N 14°44'30.1"E


Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

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