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CZ, South Moravia – Activities and Adrenaline, part one

Published: 8.6.2017
There are many great options what to do for those who intend to have active vacation in South Moravia and are attracted to adrenaline activities. On the water, in the air, on the land – the choice is yours. This is only the first part where we introduce you what you can do in this splendid region…

On Bikes

If a visit the region of the Moravian Karst and seeing the caves in one of Europe's most important karst regions is not much of adrenaline to you, then try a "singletrail". Narrow, one-way forest paths which are carefully placed in the nature and built only forsingletrail the bikers. The Singletrail Moravsky Kras is for anyone of any skill. You can look forward to leaned turns, terrain elevation, jumps or easy sections. The point of start is situated in the ATC Olsovec compound, Jedovnice. For now, there are 3 circuits of varying difficulty which is 29 kilometers of trails in total suitable to mountain bikes. However, the biking trail network has been expanding. Additional 30 kilometers of trails are about to be finished in 2017. Freshly opened singletrail is in the landscape park near Tvarozna Lhota on the foothills of the White Carpathian mountains. In the future, new trails will be completed in the Doubrava compound in Boskovice.

If you are fans of scooters, then you can have fun in the Moravian karst as well. A scooter rental is situated in Vilemovice close to the Macocha abyss. Apart from on-road and offroad scooters for children and adults, you can try some freestyling or freeriding. If you have an active dog, hitch your scooter behind him him and try your scooter to be pulled. Both you and your pet will have a great time.

On Motorbikes

Those who fancy motorbikes must know the Masaryk circuit in Brno, the venue for the Masaryk Grand Prix – the worldclass MotoGP championship. This famous circuit is over 80 years old and is open to the public also between the championships. There are attractive activities open to the public (or a company teambuilding). There is an outdoor go-cart circuit, a professional racing car simulator which gives you an oportunity to try out the current circuit or its historically accurate variant in a safe way. Another activity is drifting school or a backstage tour. Scenic helicopter flights are also available thanks to a helipad situated by the circuit.


In the Air

If you like being in the air, Moravian flying clubs offer plenty of oportunities to get up in the air – tandem skydiving, scenic flights or training flights. For instance, Aeroklub Breclav flying club offers flights over the Lednice-Valtice cultural landscape (which is listed in UNESCO). You can even try to pilot a plane by yourself. Also, Aeroklub Vyskov flying club offers scenic flights and flights when you can try piloting by yourselves. Within the airport compound, there is the Museum of Aviation and Ground Machinery – the size of its collection makes it one of the largest museums in the Czech Republic.


Tandem skydiving is great adrenaline experience. You jump out of a plane at 4 kilometers above the ground and freefall down in the speed of over 200 km/hour for about 1 minute! A skydiving experience is available, for instance, at Brno airports (Medlanky and Turany), Breclav or Znojmo.

Alternatively, you can have a romantic flight in a hot air balloon. You can take off at the Brno dam, in Tisnov, Boskovice, Letovice, Blansko, Mikulov and many other places.

On the Waves

If you prefer an active vacation by water, try Novomlynska Nadrz first. Its area and wind conditions makes it a popular destination for Czech and foreign yachtsmen. They train there, compete there or just sial for pleasure.  Each year, 810 races of the Czech Cup or Czech Championship take place here. Moreover, you can try windsurfing, kiteboarding, aquazorbing, waterbird or water skiing. All necessary equipment including training kites can be rented for instance at Merkur Pasohlávky car camp or at Dyje Yacht Club, Pavlov.


Active paddlers can ride down the stream of the Dyje. The best are the sections between Nove Mlyny–Breclav and Breclav–Hohenau (Austria). Boat rentals are sitauted in Breclav or Znojmo. Transportaiton of a boat to the point of start and from the finish line is also possible. The water of the Dyje is calm and ideal for the beginners especially for children who can learn to paddle here.

There are numerous possibilities to do adrenaline activities in South Moravia. We introduce you some more next week in the second part of our "South Moravia – activities and adrenaline".

To read more on tourism or the calendar of events in South Moravia visit  www.jizni-morava.czlogo

Author: Centrála cestovního ruchu – Jižní Morava, z.s.p.o.

Photos: Archiv CCR-JM

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