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CZ, Třeboň – The Town of Carps, Spas, and Renaissance Architecture – VIDEO

Published: 21.7.2020
Třeboň is rightly one of the most visited places in southern Bohemia. It combines a rich history and preserved historical center, beautiful surrounding landscape, which is a paradise for cyclists, and great fish gastronomy. Let's go to Třeboň together in a video.

Třeboň lies in the Třeboň Basin to the east of České Budějovice and forms the natural center of the Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area. The landscape has always been shaped mainly by water, near the town the river Lužnice flows. From the end of the 15th century, ponds began to form here on the site of large swamps and floodplain forests, which today surround Třeboň from all sides.

Třeboň je obklopena rybníky

You can bypass the World right in town. Or go around him on a bicycle. This is the name of the local pond, around which a nice nature trail The Way Around the World was created. They will introduce you to the history of the Třeboň region, you can read about various water and wetland ecosystems or about the construction of Třeboň ponds. Along the way you will also see the princely tomb with an English park.

You should not miss a visit to our largest pond Rožmberk and the unique floodplain forests around the Lužnice. During a one-day visit, you will manage everything in peace on a bicycle, it will be on a straight line and nice roads. And you still have plenty of time to explore the city itself.

Zlatá stoka

If you go from Svět, or a large parking lot below it, you will first go through the Novohradská gate and then the slightly older Svinenská gate. If you turn between them into a small alley Valy, you will come to the famous fish restaurant Šupina and Šupinka. You should definitely try at least carp fries somewhere, but I also recommend pike, zander or eel for myself. In Třeboň, they will show you that freshwater fish do not have to belong only fried to the Christmas table.

Through the small Žižkovo square you can reach the beautiful Masaryk Square, which is lined with historic houses. If you have time, climb the town hall tower, which will provide a wonderful view not only of the historic center, but also the surrounding countryside.

Svinenská brána

Masarykovo náměstí z radniční věže   Masarykovo náměstí z radniční věže

Continue to the Třeboň Renaissance chateau and its beautiful park. Walk to the Budejovice Gate, which will take you to the Gothic Church of Our Lady Queen and St. Jiljí at the Augustinian monastery.

zámek v Třeboni

zámek v Třeboni   zámek v Třeboni

Třeboň also serves as a spa town, it is mainly treated with peat and stays in nature. The area also offers many opportunities for further trips and believe that you will be happy to return here.

GPS: 49°00'17.7"N 14°46'16.6"E


Text, photos, and video: Matouš Vinš

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