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CZ, Turnov: The Museum of Bohemian Paradise – More than Just a Regional Museum

Published: 9.3.2014
Today in the former tourist inn and a prison building with courtyard, there are many knowledge to learn, lots of collections and specimens that are valuable in terms of values and history, but also a lot of educated people. We are in the building of the Museum of the Bohemian Paradise in Turnov.


For better understanding and clarity, the permanent exhibitions are divided and shaped into individual units. One of them is the Treasure , which shows the work of teachers and students of local art school, whose history goes back to 1884, i.e. two years before the museum itself was founded. Underground arched sandstone areas are illuminated display cases with Bohemian garnets or synthetic gems that Turnov is famous for beyond the borders of the Czech lands, and a hammered silver jewelry - school work. In the same manner, the exhibition of precious jewelry and pottery, which includes not only the jewels with Czech garnets, as well as historical work aids.

expozice šperkařstvíexpozice šperkařství

The exhibition halls designed for short presentations, hoster an exhibition of wood and stone during our visit. You can find behin a shop with an unprecedented selection of jewelry. Folk architecture in Pojizeri region was represented by faithful copies of old timber cottages, a unique work of Czech carvers, some with interiors and the tiniest details. Just from a look at the house plan we can determine social relations and economic and social conditions of the people who lived in it. Folk culture and history in Pojizeri and the history of Turnov is devoted to the museum's permanent exhibition, where the most valuable part is a painted the room ( 1709 ) made of larch wood. The youngest part of the museum is built-out picture gallery, decorated with an oil on canvas of huge size (10 x 8,5 m). It pictures massacre of Saxons under Hruba Rock you can see from the seat lecture hall and get so caught up in the battle rock city environment .

lidové stavitelství Pojizeřímalovaná světnice

Very informative information about our planet Earth, including the processes that take place on the surface and core of volcanic activity (through which we jasper, agate, and an amethyst crystals), lakes and oceans and all living microorganisms is mapped mineralogical and geological exhibition . Here you will learn that 400 million years ago had a year had 400 days and a day 22 hours, because the Earth was spinning much faster.

expozice mineralogieexpozice mineralogie

In the courtyard on the left, there is a pleasant café with snacks. But you will miss it as we did because you will by amazed by a full size replica of a log house called Stonework house . This construction is a two floor wooden structure that is a replica of a real house on Turnov square, which had to be demolished to provide space for another. Upstairs you will find the exposure glass and stone cutting - everything about the production, processing, blending, grinding, etc. The ground level serves as a creative workshop and meeting place. In the rear of the house lies a goldsmith's workshop, where you from time to time let you peek and get to know and work closely golden Czech hands.

Kamenářský důmKamenářský dům

On a visit to the museum is the need to account for at least half a day. There is access to all exhibitions for disabled (access to higher floors is available by elevator) and you can park right in front of the building or the square of the Bohemian Paradise. The Museum of the Bohemian Paradise Turnov include less than 6 km away Dlask’s Ranch.

Kamenářský dům

Text and photo: Monika Babická

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