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CZ: Zábřeh Chateau - A Piece Of History Hidden In Ostrava

Published: 9.7.2012
Zábřeh Chateau represents a unique harmony of past and present. The castle was originally Zábřeh water tower was later rebuilt in the Baroque style.

Lonely and dilapidated manor house was reconstructed in 2004 and reopened in 2007. After the opening, chateau serves as a historic hotel, stylish restaurant and home brewery.

Zábřeh offers stylish accommodation in eight the historic and nine standard rooms. Each historical room has its own name which is derived by name and device. Rooms theme always reflects different stages of the life of the nobility. With every your visit you can experience a different story...


We would like to invite you to the Castle pub or restaurant that serves traditional local cuisine based on fresh ingredients and recipes that are kept for centuries.

The part of castle Zábřeh is also brewery with homemade beer PIKARD®. The tradition of brewing beer at the Castle in Zábřeh dates back to 1574. In August 2007, you could first taste of light and dark 11 °. Today we still have to pivot 11 ° pale lager, dark "calamus" lager 11 ° and 11 ° light wheat. This offer is further supplemented by seasonal beer specials, such as honey and chestnut, chocolate one .... beer type of ALE etc.

Furthermore, in the medieval cellars hidden wine cellar, where you can order a guided wine tasting and to her Moravian cheese.

Heraldic Hall is used for weddings and other celebrations to commemorate the walls are painted with coats of arms of all owners and holders of the castle.

To spend an exceptional moments we invite you to bath Castle beer and wine PIKARD ® bath MANUFAKTURA ®. Enjoy half-hour shared bath in a wooden tub, followed by each of you for the massage of your choice. On the beer baths you can taste the beer PIKARD ®, which you can get from tap right in the bath, and wine baths MANUFAKTURA ® wine from family wine Kölbl or natural grape juice.

Text/photo: Zámek Zábřeh s.r.o.

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