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Denmark: Copenhagen – The City that Can Surprise You

Published: 26.4.2017
If it occurs to you as you know Danish capital well, it is due to the fact that the city has been increasingly popular among tourists form around the world. Let's take a closer look by starting with the most popular places in the city.

Kodaň - kostel u kasáren

 Kodaň - jezdecký památník u zámku přístav Nyhavn

The true tourist lure here is Tivoli amusement park, the second oldest amusement park in the world which was opened in 1843. For over one century it amuses its visitors and provide them with unforgettable atmosphere. Park's decoration changes according to the season of the year. For instance, during Christmas it is especially beautiful. Being so old, it maintains its distinctive look. New attractions are added here on regular basis. Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised. Next to classic attractions such as Ferris wheel, rollercoaster, or chain carousel you can visit a musical or theatre performance. Should you get tired, have a coffee or a piece of cake at some of the local cafes.
zábavný park Tivoli
Another great attraction is Nyhavn port, an integral and typical part of Copenhagen. It is up to you if you enjoy it here during the Christmas time or you prefer concerts and various performances in summer. But one thing is sure - there is always something going on in this port.

přístav Nyhavn

přístav Nyhavn Kodaň - pobřeží

Near the port, there is place which doesn't look very interesting at first yet it is worth your time. Christiania. There live people who could be considered homeless. This part of the city is not administered by the municipal administration yet its dwellers take good care of it and they have their own set of rules. Right upon entering the district you realiaze it looks bid worn out. However, local inhabitants have realized tourists are interested in this district so they make provisional markets. Tourists are welcome here. Don't worry about thieves but better leave your camera in your backpack. People of Christiania are not very keen on being taken pictures of. Try to rather keep the memories than taking a picture with camera.

Copenhagen - barracks

Rosenborg  chateau Copenhagen - palace guards

Right next to Christiania there is the most interesting church in the city - the Church of Our Savior. Why is it the most interesting one? Well, because of its tower. As usual, you can easily climb up to the top of the tower and enjoy the vista over the city. This belfry, however, is particularly interesting. You can get to the very top thanks to spiral staircase outside of the belfry. This can be an experience full of adrenaline yet it is worth it. So, by paying a small fee you can get to the very top and enjoy the vista over the city and even see the bridge linking Denmark and Sweden.

Copenhagen - Vista from the Tower

Copenhagen - Vista from the Tower Copenhagen - Climbing Up the Church Tower

If this is not enough then go and make a walk in the city center. There is an interesting observatory, many museums, and amazing royal chateaux. If you would like to walk inside the compound of beautiful and unique barracks, or see the North Sea's coastline, well, you can. It's no problem. You can get everywhere easily thanks to great public transportation. Copenhagen is not only about the Little Mermaid. There is a lot more and you need to experience it on your own.

Little Mermaid

GPS: 55°40'29.4"N 12°34'48.1"E
Text and photos: Simona Svanová

Překlad: Stanislava Waniová


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