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Egypt I: Country Full Of Extraordinary Experiences

Published: 24.5.2012
Egypt is a very interesting North African seascape surrounding by the Mediterranean and Red Sea, especially if you do not know, that you are going there. Its history is inextricably linked with the legendary Nile River, which dominated the religious, economic and social life for longer periods of ancient Egyptians.

v hotelovém areáluInfoglobe got an invitation to participate with info tour in Egypt with other journalists and travel agents. We formed 12-member crew. I knew that meeting will be at seven in front of hotel in the centre of Bratislava and from there will be transfer to the airport to Vienna. So, leaving home was already five, I managed it all, because it is not easy go from Trnava and then park the car in Bratislava, so I parked in front of the house, where my daughter lives. On the trolley stop, I knew I can´t be there in time. I called to delegate to tell I will come 10 minutes later. When the trolley finally arrived, I found that my transport pass remained at home. The purchase of the ticket has no time, so I just did a nervous boarded and sank the two stops that would have a half hour wait gave certainly pass on foot. After the sorrowful arrival to the hotel we got together with my colleagues in the car that took us to Vienna Airport, where we gave away tickets and checked baggage. Full of mixed emotions, we waited until the departure airport staff not to report our aircraft.

Flight to nowhere

Because just thinking that I sit in sweat pouring over my airplane, the best to deal with everything, just not that fly. Finally, we climbed aboard, I wrote messkorálové útesyage to the closest to tell them I am already sitting in a hellish machine and turned off the phone. In the aisle seat, so even look out the window at me threatened, I read the book and waiting for the elapse those 4 hour flight. I watched on the monitor above his head, that we fly at an altitude of 12 thousand kilometres at high speed and the air is -50 degrees. After landing in the early morning hours local time and we got our land in Egypt. We were pleasantly surprised by warm weather. The airport was a lot of buses that took them to various tourist hotels. We were a group of 12 people, so we had a special minibus. At the airport waiting for our guide dish which way to the hotel said some information about Egypt.

A few words about the attractions of Egypt

We all know that Cairo is the capital of Egypt, the cultural centre of the Arab world and the most populous city of the African continent. A few words remembered cities that we visit. Hurghada is an Egyptian city and port on the Red Sea, in which lives about 40,000 inhabitants. Sharm El Sheikh is a modern tourist center on the southernmost tip of the Sinai Peninsula. And Egypt's resort Sharm El Sheikh is chrám bohyně Hatšepsutone of the most beautiful diving areas in the world. Luxor is the actual name of one of the oldest and most significant sites of Egypt, which lies about 700 kilometres south of Cairo. Taba is a developing resort on the North Arabian Gulf. Mishka also told us that the gods of ancient Egypt are worshiped as fetishes, animals, plants, human beings and fantastic. The worship of Egyptian gods varied according to the will of the sovereign, who had just sat on the throne, or according to the will of the Egyptian priests. Pharaoh is a title used for the ruler of Egypt in the Hebrew and Greek and later environments. Valley of the Kings is probably the most famous Egyptian burial place of kings. The first pharaoh, about who we could say with certainty, he was buried there is Thutmose I. The most important is Ramzess II. and Tutankhamun is the best known. Temple of Queen Hatshepsut is partly carved into the rocks, has almost as if nature itself was built. Pyramids of Giza are the three great pyramids to the Sphinx in the foreground, are perhaps the most commonly used symbol of Egypt. The Sphinx is mysterious statue with a human head and lion's body.
  obchůdky u cestyplavba po Nilupláž

Because the way to the hotel took a relatively short time, this information was very brief. At the reception we were divided into rooms. I got a roommate Ivonka from Brno, about 20 years younger, attractive blonde, and really we have undersživý dopravní prostředektood well each other from the first moment.

You may know that in Egypt many tourists have often indigestion, which you can treat only by local agents. They should be taken preventively, so two to three days. Water is the best in plastic bottles and no need to put ice in drinks. Full impressions and expectations of the way these days, we got to bed at four o'clock in the morning. Finally, sleep.

In our serial of Egypt you can read about attractions of the famous resort of Hurghada.

Text and photo: Karin Hermannová


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