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Germany: Görlitz, Bautzen – A Tour and Visiting Christmas Markets

Published: 8.12.2016
For we have experience with overcrowded Christmas market in Dresden or Wien, this time we decided to try some less known cities in Germany - Görlitz and Bautzen. I recommend this trip because everything will exceed your expectation. Both cities are close to the border with the Czech Republic. We started in Mlada Boleslav. It took us less than 2 hours to reach downtown Görlitz. Bautzen is only 40 minutes by car further. You can park your car there easily and the Christmas market gets crowded only in the evening.

You can join a visit to the city with shopping in some large shopping malls situated right next to the Christmas markets. Both cities are also known and stylish. Centrs of both cities are small yet easy to access on foot. A trip there is great for families with children or seniors. If you spend about 3 to 4 hours in both cities, you can manage to see everything (sightseeing, Christmes market and a shopping mall). Surely you wouldn't think "What now..." after eating a sausage and drinking a couple of boiled wine...

Dicker Turm on Obermarkt, Görlitz   Cultural and Historical Center on  Demianiplatz, Görlitz

Gorelitz was originally a Slavic town where over 120 thousand people lived. Gradually, however, it had been germanized. After the war in 1945, it split to Görlitz in Germany and Zgorzelec, Poland. The River Nisa makes the border. Just by crossing the bridge, locals can get to Poland. At the same time, both parts of the city are linked by a tram line. Görlitz, Germany has quite a vast area. However, the Germans united the town which has one town hall. Many movies were shot there, such as Around the World in 80 Days starring Jackie Chan.

between the Polish and German part of the town

Frauenkirche, Görlitz Reichenbacher Turm on Demianiplatz, Görlitz Reichenbacher Turm, Görlitz town hall, Görlitz

Cultural and Historical Museum on  Demianiplatz, the vista from the park, Görlitz

Our tour in Görlitz begins on Demianiplatz square. The main feature there is Reichenbacher Turm, a 49-meter tower. Right opposite to the tower, there is the Cultural and Historical Center behind which there is a park. We continue then down tram rails to a Art Noveau department store which is closed right now yet it is due to opening this year. Few steps further, we reach Frauenkirche church which you can also see from inside. There is a square behind the church - Postplatz. There is a beautiful building of the post office. There we notice first Christmas stalls and children attraction. If we follow the tram rails again (which don't go for long) to  Schützenstraße we reach the city park. Then there is the bridge leading to the Polish part of the city. Going along the River Nisa, we will rech Peter and Paul parish church. This church is in close proximity to the main christmas market. The beautiful christmas market at the town hall continue to Obermarkt square.

christmas market   christmas market on Postplatz, Görlitz

Christmas market,  Reichenbacher Turm in the background, Görlitz   Christmas market after dark, Bautzen

We spend latea fternoon in Bautzen. We start our tour on the Friedensbrücke bridge. There is a splendid view over town's major landmarks such as Michaelskirche, Mühltor and Hexenhäusl. The River Spree flows under the latter. Bautzen is called "the town of towers". Here you will realize why. Bautzen is also known for mustard production. Here you find many original flavors. The main christmas market is always at the town hall on Hauptmarkt square and spread down Reichenstraße to Kornmarkt.

the vista from St Peter and Paul's in Görlitz over the Polish part of the city   the vista from Friedensbrücke bridge over Michaelskirche and Mühltor, Bautzen

GPS: (Görlitz) 51°09'17.6"N 14°59'17.6"E

Text and photos: Veronika Schubertová

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