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Holland: Zaanse Schans – A Unique Open-Air Windmill Museum

Published: 20.3.2013
Once upon a time there was a magic land. A land where wind and breeze permanently resided and in this land there was an open-air museum of windmills – Zaanse Schans.

Zaanse Schans – jedinečný skanzen větrných mlýnůAs it is usual in fairy tales even here you have a feeling you are dreaming. A collection of eight windmills and old wooden cottages doesn’t seem its even real. You will travel back in time back to the 17th and 18th century

Windmills were collected across the whole Netherlands and three of them are accessible to public. They have interesting names such as: Hopeless Death, Hero Josuha , Stork or Teacher. The Teacher mill is the last mill in the world where paper is manufactured. Another two mills cut timber and mill colors

Zaanse Schans – jedinečný skanzen větrných mlýnů
There are about thirty-five wooden cottages in the open-air museum and they are in green-white color that attracts the eyes of visitors. Except paper manufacturing you can see there a process of clog production , chocolate or famous Dutch cheese . There is also a museum in the complex as well as historic shops , bakery or souvenir shop and last but not least ttourist information center since there are daily large amounts of tourists from all around the world.

Zaanse Schans – jedinečný skanzen větrných mlýnůZaanse Schans – jedinečný skanzen větrných mlýnů
The whole complex is located by the River Zaan, a perfect river for a romantic cruise with a beautiful view to surroundings. If you want to float on the river you have two options. First, buy a ticket on a cruise ship or, second, rent a boat. The entrance to the open-air museum is for free and you will pay a small fee when entering a museum building itself or some particular windmill (2-3 EUR).

Zaanse Schans – jedinečný skanzen větrných mlýnů
Zaanse Schans is located 21 kilometers from Amsterdam and the easiest way you can get there is to take bus No. 91 or you can made use of services offered by local or foreign travel agencies that organize trips there

The whole comples is well-maintained and not even the time left traces there. The Dutch take good care of their national sights that show pride of their history. There is no ideal time to explore this area because the open-air museum is enchanting in every season of the year. In blossoming spring, under golden sun rays, when covered in autumn’s robe, even under winter’s blanket.

                    Zaanse Schans – jedinečný skanzen větrných mlýnů 

Text and photo: Mária Koczová
Author’s website: www.majakoczova.com

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