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Italy: Venice

Published: 15.11.2010
This town is full of tourists who come unceasimgly, in order to admire its beauties during days and nights. Central St.Marcus Square with a Basilica, narrow streets, town's traffic which becomes never silent, merry Italians, but mainly Canale Grande with numerous excursion boats, ships, steamers and gondols, all these are the temptations for those who decided to visit such fairytale romantic seat

VeniceVenice is situated in Veneto - North-Italian Region and is its capital. You can find there many possibilities for information and relax, but you have the chance to enjoy fully especially unforgettable romantic walks or navigations on cannals and lagoons. Singing gondoliers offer their services every day, and a view at such charming town directly from this most romantic means of transport could be really very fascinating. Venice is visited by tourists all year round, but, except holidays and ceremonies, the people arrive mainly during summer saison. At that time, the streets and small passages are overcrowded with tourist groups of different nationalities. So, a life and Venice traffic is created Veniceby local musicians, street artists and sellers of popular souvenirs.

How to get there? It is possible by means of various means of transport. Regular bus routes connect Venice with the other Italian towns, whereas the trains secure the connection from neighbouring countries. The ferries are circulating the town with Croatian towns all year round, and water taxis or buses can take you to city centre also from local airport.

The places of interest which are most popular

The greatest attention of visitors is concentrated to St.Marcus Square, where you can find a Basilica, of high artistic level value. To the other sightseeings belong more architectonistic styles, so that we can meet, on one spot, Gothic, Renaissance as well as Romanesque styles. Just nearby, you can find Palazzo Ducale, the other admirable artistic work. The building was a seat of duke and government. The construction, including two front facades of Gothic style, made from white stone, forms an ideal object for each photographer. Nevertheless, the Church Santa Maria della Salute is most photographed  object in Venice. You can see it immediately after entrance to Canale Grande, but its wonderful silhouette is created at view from Piazetta San Marco, close to Palazzo Ducale.


Ponte Rialto, a bridge leading over Canale Grande is, no doubt, another very popular and visited sightseeing. This is the oldest one of all bridges, arching over canal, where thousandVenices of tourists are passing. Here,they can fully enjoy a fascinating view towards Venice snug corners as well as peaceful gondols´ navigation.

The Golden House (Ca´d´Oro) belongs to rare buildings of Gothic style. This building coming from 15th century, could be proud on its marvelous front facade from its outside part, and rare jewels in interior, such as the paintings, statues, carpets or frescos.

Who does not know The Carnival of Venice?

VeniceAnyway, Venice is offering the other interesting places, which are worth to be visited. You can find there numerous museums, galleries and churches. These are said to be the most beautiful in Italy, or bridges, where each of them has its special history. But if you will be tired from making acquaintance with history and sightseeings, you can do shopping, provided you have suffient quantity of financial means.You can find there the goods from various sectors, from Murano glass and handicraft products via clothing and carnival masks up to foddstuffs´delicatessen.

If you love tradition, would you visit Venice in February. The Carnival, which is celebrated the arrival of spring by local people, is lasting till Ash-Wednesday. During this time, the streets and gondols are overcrowded with coloured masks, and St. Marcus Square (Piazza San Marco) is full of music and theatre.



Text/photo: Karin Bogschová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš





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