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Koněprusy caves - tip for en excursion

Published: 15.7.2008
One of most known cave-complexes of Czech Republic is situated couple of kilometers only from the town of Beroun and 40 kms distant of capital Prague. The cave-system inside hill of Zlatý kůň (Golden Horse) near to the community of Koněprusy is most extended and longest underground system in Bohemia.

This extensive three-stage cave system, established in Devon limestone, was discovered in 1950 during limestone mining in local vast mining operations. So, it was uncovered this three floor system with 70 m high difference between each stage, by this way. Originally, there was open for public the central stage only, later, in 1959, open remaining two floors.

Total length of whole limestone system exceeds two kilometres. Within its investigation, there was found many mortal remains of animals and man Homo Sapiens Sapiens, old 13000 years approximately.

At the end of 15th century, coiner-maker workshop was hidden here, with production of counterfeit money.

Except of its historical importance, the caves take its stabil place in geological research of past periods, 1,5 millions of  years old.

After entrance, above an edge of former quarry, you walk through Spallanzani cave to Organ Cave, where stalactites give various tones and to Kukla Dom. The visitors pass Letošník Abyss (named according to Mr.Letošník, who fell down from 12 metres high plateau and broke his leg here), 27 m deep, follow Old Corridors and walk up to Prošek Dom, which is most beautiful cave space with sinter lake and Koněprusy Rosettes. So, then follows Desert Dom , containing copies of several mortal remains of animals and several remains of primeval woman  a Peter´s Dom with an entrance into Petrbok Cave. Just here, there was discovered new cave in February 2007. Guided tour terminates with mounting along spiral staircases to upper floor of caves - Mint-place, and you leave the place.

Guided tour route is long 610 metres. Owing to extended underground spaces, it is suitable for persons suffering from claustrofobia. However, you have to take into consideration a lot of stairs, which could cause some complications for persons with limited possibilities and abilities of motion (exercise), not speaking about actual body-condition. The best access of Koněprusy Cave is: to follow D5 Highway from Prague to Beroun (Exit 18 - 30 kms from Prague), and at way out, near to railway station, via Zavadilka town-quarter follow direction Koněprusy (5 kms from Beroun approx.). Here, you find easily marked way to the caves.

The other possibility, how to get there: would you use the service of Czech Railways, they effect, together with Bus operator - during summer weekends and holidays, till 26th October - special bus connection from Beroun railway station  directly up to Koněprusy caves.

Departures on Saturdays and Sundays at: 9,30h 11,00h 13,40h and 15,40h.

Czech Railways recommend you to take advantage of so called Family Parcel Sa/Su+ for CZK 130,-. It is universal Family Ticket, you can take an personal or hurry train.

The caves are open for public since 1st April till 31st October. Holiday opening time-period is daily since 8,00 h till 17,00 h.

ATTENTION: on 15th July the caves are closed from technical reasons.

Entrance tickets:

Standard :                                                                                CZK 100,-

Pensioners:                                                                              CZK   80,-

Reduced tickets: (children up to 15 years of age, students): CZK   50,-

Individual entrance:                                                                  CZK 900,-

Fee for photo use:                                                                   CZK   30,-

Fee for videocamera:                                                               CZK 100,-


As to environs of caves: it is connected with mining of various minerals. It offers big choice of walks and cycloexcursions  in an interesting terrain of former quarries, rocks and picturesque snug corners of Bohemian Karst.

Text: Jan Chaloupka

Vloženo: 2008

Photo: official web: http://www.caves.cz/cz/jeskyne/konepurske-jeskyne/


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