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Lower Austria: 10 Great Tips for Short Summer Trips II

Published: 29.7.2020
Lower Austria offers a number of excursion places that will ensure well-being, fun and refreshment for every member of the family - children and adults. In addition, practical accessibility will simplify your travel, so today we will complete the inspiration for short summer trips.

Fast Bobsledge Track Eibl Jet Türnitz

The popular year-round toboggan run Eibl Jet Türnitz offers an adrenaline-fueled fast driving experience. It is located in the middle of the magical nature of pastures and meadows. On the one hand, you will enjoy a lot of fun while bobsledding, on the other hand, relax in beautiful nature. The track also provides barrier-free access and is open in all weathers.

bobová dráha EIBL Jet Türnitz, (c) tuernitz.at

White Tigers in Kernhof Zoo

The Kernhof Zoo is home to camels, llamas and nosals, and in recent years white tigers in particular have become popular. In this original and most modern facility for tigers in Europe, they not only take care of them, but also train them. And all that, including the tiger nursery. In addition, the only snow leopards in Lower Austria live here in cooperation with the program for the protection of animal species.

bílá ZOO, (c) Karl Gruber

Bears in Arbesbach Forest

The Arbesbach Bear Forest (Bärenwald Arbesbach) is one of the three brown bear refuges under the auspices of the International Organization for the Protection of Animals "Four Paws". The animals, which have so far lived with private breeders or circuses, have found an optimal environment here with conditions corresponding to their needs. Currently, there are 6 bears, which have a forested area of more than 1.3 hectares, thanks to which you can admire these impressive animals in their natural habitat.

medvědi v Arbesbachu, (c) Baerenwald Arbesbach Mairhofer

Boat Cruise Is Always a Great Experience

In summer, you will certainly be refreshed by a ride on the surface of the Danube, whether by a wooden boat, a luxury cruise ship or a jet-powered catamaran. In the Wachau, from April to October, cruise ships of private companies run between Krems, Spitz and Melk, which you can order either directly in the Wachau or online.

výletní loď, (c) Brandner Schiffahrt, https://www.brandner.at/en/

In addition, during the high season, the historic steamer MS Stadt Wien runs from Tulln to the Wachau every Sunday. And from Vienna you can quickly get straight to Bratislava by catamaran Vienna City-Liner, the journey takes only an hour and 15 minutes. However, you can also travel in a more adventurous way. The ship's mill in the village of Orth / Donau offers a cruise on a wooden ship of the "Tschaike" type, which is an original replica of the Danube ship from 1530.

výletní loď, (c) DDSG Blue Danube, https://www.ddsg-blue-danube.at/

On Exploration Journey by the Traisental Bike Route

You can safely circle the Traisen River with your children on the Traisental cycle path in St. Pölten, which is reserved for families with children. The route runs along the river and offers a variety of opportunities to get off the bike. E.g. at the Viehofner Seen you can change from bicycle to water bike and rowing boat. Or walk along the wooden footbridge to the Feldmühle nature trail, where you can observe frogs, butterflies and yellow water lilies.

Traisentalská cyklotrasa, (c) Mostviertel Tourismus / weinfranz.at

If you want, you can climb the observation tower or visit the Seedose restaurant. You continue along the large playgrounds to the district with government and official buildings. Here you can visit the Lower Austrian Museum with its great aquariums and terrariums or go out to the lookout bell tower and see the bird's eye view of the Austrian capital (St. Pölten).

Traisentalská cyklotrasa, (c) Mostviertel Tourismus / weinfranz.at

GPS: 48°12'16.7"N 15°37'22.5"E (St. Pölten)

Source: Niederösterreich-Werbung GmbH

Photos: (c) Mostviertel Tourismus / weinfranz.at (title), (c) by photos

Edited by: Infoglobe

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