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Rajecké Teplice

Published: 17.6.2010
The town of Rajecké Teplice is placed in Žilina Region, inside picturesque valley of Rajčianka-river. The seat became especially famous for its nature healing thermal spa. belonging to most known and most visited spa-towns in Slovakia.

Rajecké TeplicePopulation number: 2 936 (2004)

Altitude: 420 metres above sea level



The archaeological findings give evidence about the fact that the area around Rajecké Teplice was colonized just since ancient times. Nevertheless, the first relialable notice could be found in a document from 1376, written by Louis the Great, Hungarian King, in unity with property change among aristocrats. So, we can assume that Rajecké Teplice was established in the middle of 14th century approx.

Rajecké TepliceThe area of Rajecké Teplice, including environs, belonged to those feudalists, who possessed also Lietava Castle. So, this seat is mentioned in a document of 1496 (Zapolsky time period), as a part of Lietava dominion. Later, Nicolas Kostka and Thurso Parentage became the owners of Lietava dominion, including Rajecké Teplice. These noblemen knew well healing effects of local springs. They built the first treatment house and started to improve the community. However the death of George Thurso brought long-term disputes regarding this estate, and all this suffered the town as well as the spa. Anyway, the revival came just at the end of 18th century, when the spa was renewed. Later, in the course of 19th century, hereditary disputes broke again.Rajecké Teplice

However, new century brought Rajecké Teplice another trouble. The spa came, from the reasons of owners´ debts, under court administration, and its decline was terminated by both World Wars. Nevertheless, the swing started again since 1950. It is true that spa helped a lot to community development. The spa offered their services to wide scale of people, and so, it became more and more popular. In 1959, Rajecké Teplice got a status of spa town. Later, there were joined to the town the communities of Stranske, Kunerad, Konska, Kamenna, Poruba and Poluvsie. On 8th February 1989, Rajecke Teplice got town´s status.



Rajecké TepliceNature healing spa Rajecké Teplice is using, as its main balneo-therapeutical means, its 38° C warm hydrocarbonate-calcareous-magnesia thermal springs. The diseases of moving apparatus, conditions after injuries or after knuckles´and backbone operations, as well as nerves and vein ilnesses, Parkinson disease or some profession diseases, are being treated there. Except of this, the spa offers water-healing procedures, massages, electro-healing procedures, paraffin wrappings, manipulatory treatment, gas injections and many other healing and beautified procedures.



Rajecké TepliceRajecké Teplice is situated in the centre of beautiful nature of Sulovské Hills, Strážov Hills and Small Fatra Mountains. Fresh and transparent air is very valuable, where smoke and dust are completely missing. In this area, National Nature Reservation Kozol (extent 91,58 ha, accessible with tourist path) is to be found there. From spa forest-park, you can walk along educational path to Slnečne skaly (Sun Rocks) Nature Reservation. The other path leads you via Skalky (Rocks) towards the ruin of Lietava Castle. Wide possibilities for winter relax are also available.



As far as the cultural and historical monuments are concerned, you can visit, first of all, Virgin Mary Chapel, admire a monument, dedicated to victims of the 1st and 2nd World Wars, Lord Jesus Heart Church, or spa buildings. Traditional June Feast Ceremonies and August Summer Festival are very popular and visited with crowds of people.


Places of interest

Rajecké Teplice and environs has reallly much to offer. Even a winner of our photo-competition would be convinced about this fact (infoglobe.sk). He could enjoy the stay in Slnečne skaly Camping, with many attractions and programme. So, we wish to present you some tips for your excursion, as follows:


Kunerad castleKunerad Castle

This castle in Art Deco style was built in 1916, and served as treatment  edstablishment, but, however, the building was recently destroyed by fire completely. This place is starting point to walking excursions to Martinske Hole: Veterna Hola (1440 m), Velka luka (1476 m), Križava (1457 m) and Minčol (1364 m).

Rajec Town´s Museum

It is settled in Brewery House of 17th century. You can see there two standard exhibitions: ethnographical, natural scientific, and  a small gallery.


wooden BethlehemRajecká Lesná Slovak Wooden Christmas Crib

This is unique work of Master Joseph Pekara, native from Rajecké Teplice. This work is 8,5 metres long and 3 metres wide, and belongs to one of biggest carved out cribs of the Europe. This master magnificently carved on linden-tree wood the whole Slovakia. He pictured symbolical way of life of Slovak nation, including his culture and handicrafts. All figures are moving, working and are making jolly.


Lietava Castle in Lietavska Svinná

Lietava Castle is the second biggest ruin of Slovakia. The castle was built probably after 1241. The castle history is connected with a figure of Matthias Cak. Later, the castle was in possession of King Zikmund. However, the castle lost subsequently its importance, (from reason of property disputes), and fell to decay. You can reach the castle, following green marked tourist trail from  the community of Lietavská Svinná, within 30 minutes, or following blue marked tourist trail from the community of Lietava, during 45 minutes. From Rajecké Teplice, you can walk there, following  green marked tourist path, reaching the castle within two and half hours.


Eco-skansen:Gazdovsky House in Lietavská Svinná

This small unusual Eco-skansen is the only one in Slovakia. You can find there some buildings of people´s architecture, old carriages, machines for grain working, smiths´ forge, weaving production, mills´ water wheels, life agriculture animals and others. In Eco-skansen courtyard, you have the chance to see three worlds´ unique things, registered in Guiness Worlds´ Book of Records, such as: the biggest carved trough, made by hand, the greatest forged sword as well as the biggest cow-bell.cruise on the Vah river


Rafts on Váh-river

From ancient times, Strečno Pass meant always an adventure for everybody. So, these were quite unusual experience for the first travellers - rafters on the longest and most famous Váh raft river. Deep pass, containing many meandres (windings), invented or really traps and virgin nature of Small Fatra helped akway to romantic trips. Anyway, the route, passing Margita and Besná Cliffs, meant just easy  raft-way in direction to Danube and Black Sea.


Stecno CastleStrečno Castle

The ruin of Strečno Castle, three hundred year old, dominates over the river as a symbol of feudal power in central Váh -Valley. You can find there historical exhibition: Uncovered part: archaeology, castle chapel, dedicted to Sophia Bosniakova.

Text: Zuzana Megerssová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš

Photo: camping-raj.sk

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