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SK: 5 Amazing Tips for Winter Tourism II – VIDEO

Published: 31.12.2021
As Slovakia is a diverse country full of natural beauty, it offers us many opportunities for winter activities. Even today, therefore, we will bring you 5 tips for winter hiking trips that appealed to us.

Bezovec Ski Resort

Today we will start in the central part of the Považský Inovec mountain range, where there is one small but even more picturesque ski resort Bezovec. It is located approximately 20 kilometers from the town of Piešťany. It offers snow lovers six slopes, which are suitable for both beginners and more advanced skiers. In addition to great skiing, it is also suitable for hiking, you can climb to the eponymous peak, from which there is a view of the area of Pováží, the ridge of the White Carpathians, Tribeč or Ponitří.

Bezovec Ski ResortBezovec Ski Resort


When the country is immersed in a white embrace, be sure to visit the small village of Haluzice, which is located near the district town of Nové mesto nad Váhom. The winter nature of the Bošácká valley, which is dominated by the Hajnice hill (341 m above sea level), is truly unreal. At the mentioned peak there is a lookout tower, which offers beautiful views of the nature of Považský Inovec. Also discover the Haluzice gorge with the mysterious remains of the walls of the Haluzice church.

Haluzice (rozhledna)

Haluzice (kostel)   Haluzice (soutěska)

Velká Fatra

Another tip will be one of the most breathtaking mountains in Slovakia, which is also one of the largest. You probably already know that we will be talking about theVelká Fatra. This mountain range offers a plethora of hiking trails, natural beauty and mysterious nooks. It is home to rare animals and is still one of the most disturbed natural environments. Take a night and day winter walk, enjoy views of the sunrise, the surrounding mountains and the lights in the valleys.

Velká Fatra

Velká Fatra   Velká Fatra

Western Tatras

Last week we visited the High and Low Tatras, today we invite you to the Western Tatras. Specifically to the Žiarská valley, which is an ideal starting point even during the winter. In Žiarská dolina you can take beautiful ski mountaineering tours or hiking ascents to the nearby Smrk (2,072 m above sea level), Baranec (2,185 m above sea level) and to the Plačlivý hill (2,125 m above sea level), which lies on the main ridge of the mountains in the Roháče area. In the upper part of Žiarská dolina there is Žiarska cabin, which provides visitors with rest, refreshments or overnight stays. Žiarska dolina is a beautiful and unique locality of the Western Tatras, especially in winter. Therefore, do not hesitate and go to enjoy winter hiking, or take an unforgettable ski mountaineering tour in the bosom of beautiful alpine nature.

Západní Tatry

Západní Tatry   Západní Tatry

Kozie Chrbty

Our last tip for the trip will be the enchanting winter beauties of Kozí kameň hill. This 1,255 meter high hill is the highest point of the Kozie chrbty mountain range. It extends into the Dúbrava subunit and is part of the main ridge of Kozí chrbtů in the area between Svit and Vikartovce. The high tourist attractiveness is evidenced mainly by unforgettable views. You will be the first to be interested in the High Tatras, which lie in front of you like the palm of your hand. In the distance you will see several well-known Tatra hills, such as Kriváň, Velké Solisko, Satan, Vysoká, Končistá, Gerlachovský štít, Slavkovský štít or Lomnický štít. Views of the Tatra Mountains, the Western Tatras and the mountains of the Low Tatras are also impressive and charming. Especially the view of the wide Hołny ridge of the Králova Hoĺa will definitely interest you first when looking south.

Kozie Chrbty

GPS: 48°39'55.9"N 17°57'55.3"E (Bezovec)

GPS: 48°49'17.7"N 17°52'13.4"E  (Haluzice)

GPS:  48°56'01.4"N 19°07'00.3"E (Ploská)

GPS:  49°10'52.2"N 19°43'10.6"E (Žiarska cabin)

GPS: 49°00'58.5"N 20°09'44.4"E (Kozí kameň)


Text: Oskár Mažgút, Radoslav Biskupič

Photos: Jozef Dovičin, Radoslav Biskupič, Karol Kobella

Video: Jozef Dovičin

Music: Why? by Savfk  


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