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SK: 5 Amazing Tips for Winter Tourism III – VIDEO

Published: 7.1.2022
In the third and final part about winter tips for trips, we will take you to the mountains, a picturesque village, a cross-country skiing paradise, a magnificent monument and you will also take an adventurous walk through Spišská Magura with us.


We will start with a visit to Čičmany, one of the most beautiful villages in Slovakia, which is widely famous for its beautiful and still very well-preserved wooden houses, decorated with typical white embroidery-like ornaments. During the winter, when the village is covered with a white duvet, it looks fabulous. In addition, you will find a smaller ski resort with an almost family atmosphere and several cross-country circuits.


Milan Rastislav Štefánik´s Burial Mound

The next stop will be an architectural gem by Dušan Jurkovič - Milan Rastislav Štefánik Mound. This most sought-after landmark in the town of Brezová pod Bradlom is not only a reminder of the great man of Slovak history, but also a place with a beautiful view of the landscape of Kopanice in the arms of the Little Carpathians. During the winter, the punch of beauty gives it frost, which multiplies a kind of feeling of national pride.

Mohyla Milana Rastislava Štefánika

Mohyla Milana Rastislava Štefánika   Mohyla Milana Rastislava Štefánika


Cross-country skiers should visit the village of Mengusovce, which is the gateway to the High Tatras. There is a Mengus cross-country skiing paradise here. A total of 19 kilometers of groomed cross-country trails, which can be completed in three consecutive circuits. The height difference of the tracks is a little over 100 meters, so even less skilled skiers can overcome them. The shortest (yellow marked) circuit measures 3 kilometers, the longer 7.5 kilometers and is marked as the training track of Šoltýska, finally there is also a blue marked Mengus circuit, which measures 8.5 km.

Mengusovský běžkařský ráj

Bachledova´s Valley

We will still stay in eastern Slovakia, because we invite you to Bachledova dolina. This sports and recreational center located in the southern part of the Spišská Magura mountains offers its visitors a number of attractions and opportunities for sports. A ski resort awaits you here, but also two lookout towers and a Treetop Trail. Especially during the winter, you will experience the unique natural scenery of the mighty walls of the Belianske Tatras in the background and views of the mountainous landscape of Spišská Magura.

Bachledova dolina

Klacký Waterfall

Finally, we will visit the Malá Fatra Mountains, which hide a national natural monument, namely Klacký waterfall. It can be accessed from multiple sides. The easiest way leads from the village of Vrícko. During the winter, beautiful scenery, frozen "paintings" of the Vríca stream and, last but not least, the Klacký waterfall transformed into an icefall await you here.

Klacký vodopád

GPS: 48°57'17.1"N 18°30'57.5"E (Čičmany)

GPS: 48°40'46.4"N 17°33'48.5"E  (M. R. Štefánik´s Burial Mound)

GPS: 49°04'28.7"N 20°07'44.4"E (Mengusovce)

GPS: 49°16'18.9"N 20°18'35.0"E (Bachledovo valley)

GPS: 48°58'55.8"N 18°39'18.7"E  (Klacký Waterfall)


Text: Oskár Mažgút, Radoslav Biskupič

Photos: Jozef Dovičin, Radoslav Biskupič, Karol Kobella, Beata Firicová

Video: Jozef Dovičin

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