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SK: 5 Amazing Tips for Winter Tourism – VIDEO

Published: 24.12.2021
Winter will soon dress Slovakia in a winter garb and its helper will decorate it with frost. Today we bring you 5 tips for winter hiking trips that will offer you various natural attractions.

Šiklavá Rock

We start in the mountain area Galmus, which stretches in the north of the Volovské vrchy, about 20 kilometers from the town of Spišská Nová Ves and a short distance from Krompach.

There is a unique limestone-conglomerate named Šiklavá rock. This rock formation was created by the erosive activity of the river, which created a long rock overhang with a waterfall supplemented by rock bars, narrow caves and other karst formations. While water drips from the rock in summer, it freezes in winter, creating incredibly huge icicles that you should definitely see. The fleeting beauty of ice will enchant you. Near this gem there is also an information board, from which you can learn not only about this rock formation, but also about the fauna and flora in the area.

Šiklavá skála, (c) Jozef Dovičin   Šiklavá skála, (c) Jozef Dovičin

High Tatras

A kind of obligatory stop in the winter should be the High Tatras, which have been attracting tourists from all over the world for centuries with their beauty, power and roughness. Compared to the neighboring Alps, they are smaller, but this does not detract from their uniqueness. In winter, they are covered in snow, which together with the strong frost creates a large white duvet, from which in some places protrude crystal-glittering icicles and other bizarre formations. And if the sun adds to this symbiosis, the view of this work will turn into an artistic experience. It's up to you whether you go skiing, walking to accessible mountain huts or just wandering the Tatra slopes.

Vysoké Tatry

Vysoké Tatry   Vysoké Tatry

Low Tatras

You should also visit the Low Tatras and, for example, take a climb up to Ďumbier in winter conditions. This mighty mountain is undoubtedly one of the most famous and most visited hills of the Low Tatras. It is the highest peak of the mountains with an altitude of 2,046 meters. Ďumbier offers breathtaking views of the surroundings - the main ridge of the Low Tatras with adjacent valleys, but especially the Western and High Tatras.

Nízké Tatry, Ďumbier; (c) Radoslav Biskupič

Jánošík´s Holes and Velký Rozsutec

The Malá Fatra mountain range also has a lot to offer in winter. Head to the most famous and popular tourist attraction in the national park - the frozen Jánošík´s holes. The ideal starting point is the village of Terchová, located approximately 20 kilometers from the regional town of Žilina. Here you will experience the unmistakable charm of rock walls covered with ice and icicles, the creek bed covered with snow and all around you incredible peace. For more able alpine tourists, we recommend a tourist ascent to the mighty Velký Rozsutec (1,610 m above sea level), which will reward your effort from the ascent with a magical circular view of the surrounding winter landscape. Here you will also be able to enjoy a fascinating world of silence and icy beauty.

Velký rozsutec, (c) Karol Kobella

Jánošíkovy díry, (c) Jozef Dovičin   Jánošíkovy díry, (c) Jozef Dovičin

Little Carpathians

The last tip is the low mountain range in the western part of Slovakia - the Little Carpathians, but offering easy and all-day walks without restrictions throughout the year. Especially in winter, it has its unmistakable charm. The snow-covered Little Carpathian landscape attracts fans of winter outdoor activities for cross-country skiing and hiking with the possibility of ascents to important peaks, which offer beautiful views of the surrounding hills, valleys and endless plains of the Záhorská and Podunajská lowlands. Captivating and charming views are mainly from the peaks Skalnatá (704 m above sea level), Vápenná (752 m above sea level), Vysoká (754 m above sea level), Čierna skala (662 m above sea level) or Devínská Kobyla (514 m above sea level).

Malé Karpaty, (c) Radoslav Biskupič

So what do you think? Have we inspired you to take a trip?

GPS: 48°55'11.4"N 20°41'06.7"E (Šiklavá rock)

          49°11'10.4"N 20°14'00.9"E (Skalnatá cabin)

          48°56'09.6"N 19°38'29.9"E (Ďumbier)

          49°13'54.8"N 19°05'55.2"E (Velký Rozsutec)

          48°27'37.8"N 17°16'28.8"E (Vápenná)


Text: Oskár Mažgút, Radoslav Biskupič

Photos: Oskár Mažgút, Jozef Dovičin, Radoslav Biskupič, Karol Kobella

Video: Jozef Dovičin

Music: In Albany New York – The 126ers

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