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SK: Bardejovske Baths – Oasis of Health and Recreation

Published: 13.7.2014
Bardejovske Baths are among the oldest and most beautiful in Slovakia. You can find it in the middle of picturesque nature of the upper Saris. Healing water and untouched nature are the main wealth of this area. Every year thousands locals and foreigners long to spend time there.

Bardejovske Bath located only 5 km from the historic town of Bardejov, which was three consecutive years chosen as the most beautiful city in Slovakia (2010 - 2012), are almost ideal for your rest and recharge your batteries.


Baths for everyone

Bardejov Baths provide comprehensive medical care not only for adults but also for pediatric patients, as well as subsidized treatment for all insured of all insurance companies . On its come perfectly healthy customers (payers), who can choose from interesting relaxation , weekend , wellness strong> or other residence without medical surveys that are precisely tailored. Spa guests can choose from a wide variety of accommodation of various categories. It means that this place will enjoy not only the most demanding clients, but also families with children, or even young people. A complete list of accommodations you can see HERE

František *** Detská liečebňa ValentínaDiana ***

Healing Mineral Springs

In Bardejov Baths colonnade you can eight healing mineral springs . The Hercules spring , which is a mineral and carbon dioxide ranks among the strongest in Slovakia. It proved itself to heal diseases of the stomach and duodenum, respiratory diseases and the treatment of diabetes. The Main spring is acidic in nature and is mainly used in diseases of the stomach and duodenum, the conditions after the stomach, liver diseases, in the absence of gastric juice, and disorders of blood formation. The Medical spring is alkaline in nature and highly mineralized. Proved in diseases of the stomach and duodenum, in chronic bronchitis, inflammation in the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, as well as enhanced the bronchi and in the treatment of asthma. The Elizabeth spring has little sodium, and so is used mainly in the treatment of liver diseases. The Klara spring has iron-carbonic water with traces of hydrogen sulphide and is used for inhalation for respiratory diseases and for rheumatic diseases of the joints. Water from the source The Napoleon spring has hydrocarbonate, chloride, sodium, iron, carbon dioxide with an increased content of boric acid. It is very beneficial for the treatment of biliary tract disease, chronic diseases, colitis and liver disorders. The Spring of Anna is suitable for the treatment of gastric dyspepsia, chronic diseases of the pancreas and upper airway disease. Its water contains hydrocarbonate, chloride, sodium with increased content of acid metabolites. The last of the springs is the Colonnade spring , which is useful in the treatment of anemia, deficiency of stomach acid and stomach inflammation.

Prírodná liečivá minerálna voda

healing by bathing

In Bardejovske Baths clients can choose from a full palette of healing procedures starting rehabilitation, through massages, inhalation treatments, hydrotherapy, heat therapy, electrotherapy, carbonic therapy, cupping, halo-therapy (salt cave) until after the beer bath with additives. Their detailed description can be found HERE. For clients with vascular problems or after cancer, but not only with these diseases, offering Bardejov Baths and new Lymfocenter .

Liečebné procedúryLiečebné procedúry

Wellness Spa

Relatively recently, in 2012, Bardejov Baths opened Wellness Spa complex , which is used to for overall regeneration of body and soul . The wellness services are offered not only to spa guests, but also to visitors and guests from all over the region and even from abroad. To what you can enjoy in Wellness Spa Ozone Read HERE.

wellness spa wellness spa

Additional services

The visitors' satisfaction also serves a very wide range of additional services . Very popular, for example, isBeauty Studio. It offers state of the art equipment and a portfolio of cosmetic producs focused on beauty treatments. If you have decided to organizeyou’re your business partners or employees a meeting , training, conference, seminar, reception, teambuilding, workshop, presentation or "custom event Bardejov Baths will meet your demant. Does have nice rooms that are an excellent place to labor and labor-relaxation stays . Very fond memories of one of the most beautiful days in your life you can take away from Bardejov Baths even if they are here decide seal your love with your beloved other half, or celebrate any jubilee of his closest circle.

Bardejovské kúpele

You wont get bored in Bardejov Baths

During the summer of 2014 can look forward to the 60th anniversary of the Annual International Music Summer , which will bring together 11 concerts Slovak and foreign performers. In addition, there are going on regular popular promenade concerts of classical music (July 1st to August 31, 2014), which are held daily, except Monday, before the spa colonnade. Dance lovers should not miss daily dance parties with live music . It is in these days also takes place 11 Bardejov Bathing Days (July 12th and 13th, 2014). In honor of Empress Sisi was held August 31, 2014 Elizabethan day strong>. In addition, visitors can enjoy the photo exhibition - the winners of the beauty of the moment (July 19 to September 2, 2014). Beer lovers are waiting now for September 7, 2014 the second annual beer festival associated with the show woodwind musical instruments. Bardejov Spa prepare the flower exhibition, paintings, sculptures and many other acitivities. More information not only about cultural activities, you can find HERE.

Bardejovské kúpeleBardejovské kúpele

You can win a stay in Bardejov Baths!

Would you like to also experience the uniqueness Bardejovske Baths ? Do not hesitate and send join our photocontest. Just send a photo to the contest and you are in the game for attractive prices. One of them is the Wellness Relax stay with full board and treatments at Ozon*** Hotel in Bardejov Spa for 2 people . To engage in photo contest can TU.  

Bardejovské kúpele, a.s. 

Text editing: staff

Source: Bardejovské kúpele, a.s.

Photo: O. Maňáková aand Bardejovské kúpele, a.s.

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