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SK: Cerveny Klastor – Baths Patroned by the Legendary Monk Cyprian

Published: 9.1.2019
Today we will take you to the peaceful area of Zamaguria, which stretches in the northeast of Slovakia. We will visit Cerveny Klastor Smerdzonka baths, where healthy mineral water flows since ever. Rumors of the healing water under Tri Koruny (982 m.) beagn to spread as early as the 14th century, when Carthusian and later Kamaldul monks from a nearby monastery used it for their healing practice.

Cyprian, the "flying monk" who, among other things, managed the monastery's pharmacy. Thanks to his knowledge of medicine or pharmacy, local mineral water has become known in the wider area. His lifelong work was a herbarium consisting of 283 plant specimens.


After the monastery was canceled, the local miller in the barn began to provide hot bath baths from Smerdjon in the early 19th century. The water was first heated in the boilers to put it in the wooden tubs. He made his visit so pleasant and shortened his waiting for the people who had come to him to soften his flour. The local miller became a small pioneer, and the spa of Smerdžanka was not used primarily for healing, but also as a form of relax. A few years later (around 1820) dates back to the establishment of the spa settlement and the original Lazne pod Tremi Korunami. Over the decades, the baths have survived a number of ups and downs, and after World War II they have disappeared. Time has proven the beneficial effects of unique water, clean air, and the positive effects of the Pienin enchantment itself on the human organism.Fortunately, Lazne Cerveny Klastor Smerdzonka has continued in the tradition of our ancestors since 2012.

Zdravi bath house

In the baths, skin diseases, respiratory diseases, mental and oncological diseases, post-operative thyroid glands and occupational diseases are treated.

prodecure (electro tratment)

Whether you need to improve your health or just relax and recharge your batteries, the baths is a great place to stay thanks to its comprehensive amenities. Also, thanks to the modern congress hall, stylish restaurant or outdoor seating, it is also a popular venue for various corporate and family events.

healing procedures

Kneipp Therapy and Free Time Activities

One of the unique attractions in the surrounding area is the outdoor Kneipp therapy with a balancing walkway. Hydrotherapy consolidation procedure and walking barefoot on different types of surface is a pleasant experience for you and your feet.

Kneipp therapy

Several other recreational and sports zones offering leisure activities are available at the spa area at any age. The smaller ones will be set up on a playground with a trampoline or a large cable pirate. If you like collective sports, there is a volleyball court as well as a mini-football field. You can also check your skill, dexterity, endurance or um in the badminton playground, the pétanque, the Russian skittles and the big chess. Fitness equipment will be tested by outdoor fitness machines and refreshments will surely provide an outdoor swimming pool with a countercurrent. The overall experience of a beautiful setting complements a park around the baths featuring a herb and flower garden or a glimpse of peace and spiritual strength in the Mother of Constant Help chapel.


Perfect relax is ensured thanks to wide range of procedures provided by professional medical staff. You have to choose and enjoy baths, various massages, saunas enriched with salt therapy, oxygen therapy or other curative and relaxing procedures. As a single spa around the area apply special painless cosmetic procedures.

baths compound – herb garden

Unforgettable experiences can be enjoyed from various traditional, folklore, spiritual and modern events or concerts that take place here during the year.


Thanks to romantic bath houses and large accommodation facilities in the attractive Pieniny National Park, you will feel really royal. You will be surrounded by the pure nature and magnificent architecture of the first 1884 brick building. Thanks to its excellent restaurants with culinary specialties and trouble-free parking, you will literally enjoy it. We certainly recommend combining a stay in the splendid spa with visits to surrounding villages or hiking trails, which will give you even more unforgettable experiences.

GPS: 49°23'20.3"N 20°25'17.5"E


Source and photos: (OOCR) SEVERNÍ SPIŠ PIENINY

Edited by: Infoglobe

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