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SK, Cicmany – Beautiful Chateau and Its Amazing Surroundings

Published: 19.8.2018
Experience an attractive vacation at the end of the summer. You can experience it in the Baroque-Classicist Chateau Cicmany constructed at the end of the 18th century, which has recently undergone a complete reconstruction and offers visitors fantastic service and breathtaking excursions to the surroundings.

The original manor house was owned by Count Leopold Berchtold, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Austria-Hungary. Later (in 2015), the chateau underwent a complete reconstruction and at present offers to visitors pleasant accommodation in comfortably furnished rooms. At the same time, guests can enjoy a restaurant that offers delicious meals and drinks at popular prices, a separate pub and an infrared sauna. Chateau Cicmany is an ideal choice not only for families with children, but also as a venue forcorporate events, parties, meetings or fairy-tale weddings.žámek Čičmany

zámek Čičmany   zámek Čičmany

The picturesque chateau is situated in the village of Cicmany. The first written document originates in the year 1272. Cicmany is located in Cicmany basin under the hill Strazov. Since 1977, part of the village was declared a landmark reservation. Cicmany is situated at an altitude of 655 meters. It is one of the places in Slovakia that preserve the form of life in the past, culture, but also extraordinary customs.

Cicmany chateau

Cicmany chateau   Cicmany chateau

In the past, dwellers of Cicmany painted their black woode houses with white paint which differed them from from other municipalities. Many houses are still inhabited and are part of the village. Cicmany is sort of an open-air museum. All the original preserved houses are listed in the list of protected structures. Although it is a museum and even a part of the Povazske Museum in Zilina, the entrance is free and the buildings are accessible all year round.

folk architecture

The ornaments of Cicmany are famous. For example these are feature on Olympic games clothing. These patterns form an important part of the Slovak ornamental tradition. Their interest lies in the fact that they are very simple: cross, diamond, circle, trefoil, heart, spiral, comma, dot, wavy, zigzag and ram horns. This is a basic model set, which, with by simple repetition, alternation, mirroring, distribution, folding, overlapping and reproduction, has grown into a magnificent ornamental base, used not only in the picturesque village of Cicmany. Today it is a symbol of the whole of Slovakia and belongs to the world cultural heritage.

lidová architektura

Not only Cicmany Chateau, but also the village itself are the best base for trips to the surrounding area. Families with children will welcome possibility to go to to the swimming pool and wellness facilities in the summer. The Aphrodite Baths inRajecke Teplice is located only 27 km from the castle and it is a complex of indoor and outdoor thermal pools and saunas, freely accessible to the general public. In the pools, natural curative thermal water of 38° C type with acatoterium, containing calcium and magnesium ions, with beneficial effects on the muscular and nervous systems as well as the overall relaxation of the body. In Rajecke Teplice, Laura thermal swimming pool  is situated just under the beautiful Skalka hill. Minigolf and beach volleyball are available in the swimming pool area. Even closer, just 20 km from Cicmany, there is Veronika Rajec thermal swimming pool.

koupaliště Laura   koupaliště Veronika Rajec

Cicmany Chateau is also an excellent starting point for hikes and bicycle trips. Above the village of Cicmany is Strazov Hills (1213 m above sea level), which is the highest peak of the Strazovske Hills, and is accessible after the red mark from Čičman. Klak Hill is also an overwhelming dominant of the surroundings of Cicmany. Access is possible from the Fackov saddle. On the other hand, Slunecni Rocks in Rajecke Teplice, they are again a nature reserve with the fifth protection zone. You can see a variety of rock formations created by erosion.


The Temesska Rock is 20 km away from the Strazovske Hills and it is considered to be the part of it. On the northwest foothills of the Temesska Rock there is a nature reserve with the highest degree of protection and preserved forest communities, especially beech trees and many rare species of plants and animals. The Temesska Rock is the only locality in Slovakia with the occurrence of rare mountain Apollo butterfly.

Chateau Bojnice

The chateau is also an ideal starting point for visiting Bojnice Chateau (37 km), the zoo in Bojnice or for the climb up the new observation tower with an elevation of 30 meters. It is also worth mentioning the glass open-air museum in Valasska Bela or the Slovak nativity scene in Rajecka Lesna. So do not hesitate and come to Chateau Cicmany

vyhlídková věž Bojnice

GPS: 48°57'15.3"N 18°30'53.0"E

Source and photos: kastielcicmany.sk

Edited by: Infoglobe

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