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SK: Dunajsky Klatov – Csefalvay Water Mill with Bottom Drive

Published: 5.9.2013
Today visit extraordinarily interesting technic sight - Csefalvay water mill in Dunajsky Klatov. Where it is located and why it is wort visiting it? You will learn about it on the lines below.

We introduced you Wheel Water Mill in Jelka in the past commonly called as the Nemeth Mill, on behalf of its original owner, Josef Nemeth. The mill is considered a Central European rarity and today those who love history, traditions, and folk craftsmanship from all Europe come here to see it. We also introduced youčasto označovaný také jako Nemeth mlyn podle původního majitele Josefa Németha, který je považován za středoevropskou raritu a dnes ho chodí obdivovat milovníci historie, tradice, lidové dovednosti, ale i nadšenci vodní turistiky z celé Evropy. Také jsme si představili the Floating Water Mill in Kolarovo to which leads the longest roofed wooden bridge in Europe. Well, today the destination of our journey is a mill again
Dunajský Klátov – Cséfalvayův vodní mlýnDunajský Klátov – Cséfalvayův vodní mlýn
The Water Mill in Dunajsky Klatov
This time we go to the small town Dunajsky Klatov of 500 located in the district of Dunajska Streda. Cultural technical heritage - Cséfalvay water mill with a bottom drive is hidden on the Klatovske arm on the riverbank of the Small Danube. It used to be known also as the Elizabeth’s river. The water mill in Dunajsky Klatov is definitely worth visiting. It is located in beautiful nature that was declared the Klatovske Arm National Natural Reservation . Its magic is underlined with beautiful Nymphaea alba blossoms that sway on water.
Národní přírodní rezervace Klátovské rameno
Quick Glimpse of history
The Cséfalvay water mill with bottom drive, a state protected technical sight, was built on the beginning of the 1920’s and the last year it operated was 1942. For a brief period following the Second World War there was done some milling for farm cooperation but after this its operations ceased. In 1986, the state bought the mill from the Michal Cséfalvay family and a necessary renovation was initiated. Since 1987, there is a miller’s trade exhibition where original equipment, belonging to the Zitnoosotrovske Museum in Dunajska Streda, is displayed. The mill’s compound is surrounded by a fence. Like every other mill, the most characteristic feature is a gigantic mill wheel and it has 6 meters in diameter. According to the present administrator, the mill would operate but low water level forbids it. Unlike other Danubian mills, only a wheel and driving mechanism of the Csefalvay water mill are situated in wooden construction. The mill itself is made of stone. Technical facilities of the mill consist of three systems – driving, gear and milling. I am not particularly a technician so I won’t describe it to you in detail, but you can trust me that even complete amateur will understand technical lecture without any problem. I recommend you visit of the Csefalvay water mill with bottom drive. If you go there, go and visit surroundings. Beautiful nature and history will be like a cure for your soul.
Dunajský Klátov – Cséfalvayův vodní mlýn
Expozice vodního mlynářství s původním zachovaným zařízenímExpozice vodního mlynářství s původním zachovaným zařízením
Opening hours and ticket prices are available HERE.

Text and photo: O. Maňáková

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