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SK, Gánovce – Famous Excavation Site of a Neanderthal Man

Published: 18.7.2021
This time we will go to the sub-Tatra basin, approximately 3 kilometers southeast of Poprad. Our goal will be the village of Gánovce, famous for the archaeological finding of a cast of the Neanderthal brain or the fossilized prints of the flora of the time.

The extremely attractive village of Gánovce offers many experiences in a relatively small area. Lovers of walks can go exploring the nearby Kozie chrbty mountains, while mineral collectors will enjoy themselves in nearby Květnice, where you can find nice agates. For all admirers of monuments, we recommend a visit to the Roman Catholic Church of St. Michael the Archangel from the middle of the 13th century with rare frescoes and a side altar of St. Stanislav from the beginning of the 16th century from the workshop of the world-famous Master Pavel from Levoča.Gánovce

If you want to relax, stop at the local spa with mineral water and water attractions or wellness services. However, we will go to an unusual natural attraction, to the Gán travertines.

Gánovce, lokalita Hrádok

The locality called Hrádok is situated near the spa. Thanks to the finds of fossil fauna and flora from the last interglacial period as well as anthropological finds, it was declared a national natural monument in 1972. The fenced area, famous for its finding documenting the easternmost and northernmost occurrence of Neanderthals in Eastern Europe, is equipped with artistic sculptures, a relatively magnificent gate and information boards. Thanks to local enthusiasts, a beautiful geopark was created here.

fotogenická jezírka

A few tens of meters further on the outskirts of the village, you can see more travertine kicks together with a unique geyser spewing thermal water about every hour. There are also photogenic lakes with white-yellow calcareous sediments.

Gánovské travertiny

Last but not least, Gánovice is the presence of the Aerological and Radiation Center of the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, which is the only one in Slovakia to launch meteorological balloons that measure atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed up to 38 km twice a day, twice a day. Therefore, if you are lucky, do not be surprised to see a rising balloon to the heavens.

Gánovské travertíny

Gánovce is an easily accessible village, suitable for a family trip. Fans of nature, hiking, relaxation and history will find something to their liking here. So don't hesitate and be sure to stop here while wandering around Slovakia!

GPS: 49°01'48.8"N 20°19'15.1"E


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: Beata Firicová, wikipedia.org: Ing.Mgr.Jozef Kotulič (2x)

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