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SK: Low Tatras – Good Accommodation and Great Relax in Demänovska Valley

Published: 20.6.2013
There are many beautiful places in Slovakia. Among them is our largest and the second highest mountains, the Low Tatra mountains. If you seek not only beautiful nature but also quality services and quality accommodation, we have several tips for you.

Demänovska Valley is perhaps the most frequented and most popular part of the Low Tatras mountains . It is a perfect starting point to many shorter and easier walks as well as to really difficult treks. Today, we focus on accommodation in this particular locality and its vicinity.  

Apartmany Via Jasna – accommodation in Demänovska Valley

Apartmány Via JasnáFirst, we would like to talk about Via Jasna, a splendid combination of a hotel and an apartment house. It is located right at the entrance to the Low Tatras National Park and its largest advantage lies in its equipment resembling a 5-star hotel and a possibility to relax in a spacious apartment. There are about thirty rooms on its two floors Apartmany Via Jasna. They range from standard two-bed rooms to two-bedroom apartment. Apartmany Via Jasna is made of wood, stone and thus perfectly fits into mountain environment. On the ground floor, you may visit a restaurant with great cuisine , modern bar and children’s place that children would love. Apartmány Via JasnáChildren can also use outside playground where they may enjoy fresh air in nature. Underground floor of the apartment building offers even wellness centrum Forest Garden. Visiting this center is a great, unique and magical experience. It is a combination of relax music, pure wood, stone and water and 4 saunas, Riviera pool with tepidarium. All these things give this place atmosphere of true relaxation. There are two Jacuzzi rooms with separated shower. You can book one of these rooms for just yourself. There is also a congress center , or space where you can play table tennis and billiard. Natural things are then ski locker, a place where you can dry out your ski gear after skiing at Jasna Nízke Tatry Resort. But it wont interest you in the summer season. You will be glad though that the Via Jasna house offers free parking guarded by CCTV a WiFi Internet is available in every apartment

wellness centrum Forest Garden vo Via JasnáApartmány Via Jasná

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In the present, it is difficult to find high-quality accommodation fo reasonable price, however, there are more and more such accommodation in Slovakia. They will offer you quality services for your hard earned money. Long after you return home you will remember great moments of your stay there which cost only few Eur.

Apartmany Ski & Sun - accomodation Demänovská dolina

Another of such accommodations is Apartmany Ski & Sun, a stylish apartments located right at Chopka’s bottom. Two continual luxurious buildings built in a traditional style fit well into local environment. This accommodation offers stay in high-standard rooms where is everything for clients. Views of the Highs and Low Tatras Nízke Tatry, its icing on a cake. Area of every apartment has from 45m2 to 75m2. They are equipped with fuly equipped kitchen and you may find Jacuzzi and sauna in every bathroom! Real luxury, isn’t it?! The part of Apartmanov Ski & Sun is bike rental , information center, ski and bike lockers, or exterior grill . Every one who loves grilling will be happy for it. Free Wi-Fi and parking are natural thing here.

Apartmány Ski & Sun - ubytovanie Demänovská dolinaApartmány Ski & Sun - ubytovanie Demänovská dolina
Do you prefer laying by water, playing on toboggans or other water attractions. Or you want to enjoy and rest after trek in mountains. Even for this option we have a great tip for you where accommodate.

Accommodation in Aparmanty Besenova

Apartmany Besenova is part of Hotel Luka. This is part of the Gino Paradise Thermal Spa . Despite they offer lower prices of accommodation you wouldn’t notice it from its services. You will get same sales and possibility to enter same attractions as other guests. This trip will not ruin your wallet. 

Ubytovanie v apartmánoch Bešeňová

To conclude we would like to mention another newly built pension that impressed many clients

Penzion Maxim – an accommodation in Demänova

New penzion Maxim is located along the road to the largest ski resort Jasna, Low Tatras. It is in a quiet district of the town of Demänova, an ideal place from where you can set out to bike treks. Penzion Maxim offers cozy accommodation in rooms with two or four beds. There are also small kitchens with a fridge and a boiling kettle. And there is a TV in every room. Also, there are two well-equipped apartments for four persons. Penzion Maxim is just an ideal place where you can spend great free time with your family and friends. There is not just a lounge with TV and many movies, or PlayStation 2 console, but also social games. There are other things on a roofed terrace that guest may use such as grill and watch your friends play tennis at professional clay court . Penzion Maxim offers ideal environment for relax that is located on large compound and you and your children can enjoy it to its fullest. You can play table tennis there, darts or rent a bike from local bikerental. The location of this pension is a great place from where you can set out to tourist tracks or local landmarks. Like other quality pensions even here you may use Wi-Fi for free.

Penzión MaximProfesionálny antukový tenisový kurt  - Penzión Maxim
Zdroj a foto: www.jasna-ubytovanie.sk

Edited by: team of editors

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