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SK: Malatina – A Town in the Chockske Hills

Published: 3.10.2013
Today, on our travels across Slovakia we visit Malatina, a picturesque town between Orava and Liptov. Beautiful nature, quite surroundings, huge mountains. This all make from this place an ideal destination for tourists, bike riders and those who like rest in nature.

Kostel Všech svatých First notes on the town have their origin in the 14th century, in the time when a transit road connecting Oravu and Liptov. Initially the town was part of Old Castle of the Liptov dominion. Later it became a part of the Orava dominion until the present. Today, the town has 800 inhabitants and it is a part of the district of Dolni Kubin. The location of the town is unusual. It is hard to get there especially in winter for the town is located in the high altitude. Despite this, locals have overcame this problem and built a picturesque village. Its beauty will surprise every tourist. As is usual in such towns, the main landmark is church. The church in Malatina is devoted to all saints, it was built in classicist style in 1804. There is a baroque altar and pulpit inside the church. There is a baroque column devoted to St John of Nepomuk made in 1811. Also, you can find beautiful wooden houses and an amphitheater. Today the latter is used for various cultural and societal events. Perhaps, the most well-known event in the town is the so-called Shepherd’s days . It is an international festival of Wallachian culture held on the second July weekend.

Obec Malatiná Obec Malatiná (dřevěnice)

Obec Malatiná (dřevěnice) Obec Malatiná (dřevěnice)

Výlety do okolí
The interesting thing about this place are abundant mountain spring and shy 30 wells all around the town’s compounds. A place where you can go from the town are the Chočske Hills , the peak is Velky Choc. Tupa and Ostra rocks are also attractive peaks in Vyssi Kubin. We recommend a trip to Kvacianska and Prosiecka valleys to those who love long walks, there is also an operating water mill. Those who prefer active relax could go to relatively easily accessible thermal pool in Besenova, Oravice or near Liptovsky Mikulas. People who love historical landmarks can go to wooden church in Lestiny, open-air-museum Havranok or to memorial house of Martin Kukucin. Little bit further there is Orava Castle or “Bobrova Rala” historical folk architecture reservation in Podbiel

Obec Malatiná

Obec Malatiná Obec Malatiná

Malatina becames a mushrooming paradise every autumn thanks to fertility of local forests. In winter, the land is ideal for cross-country skiing. Near there are ski resorts of Kubinska Hola, Malino Brdo or Mala Lucivna .

Obec Malatiná – turistický směrovník Obec Malatiná – turistický směrovník
Malatina preserves its folk features, traditional carpet weaving or sheep breeding. You shouldn’t miss this town if you are excited tourist, traveler, sportsmen or discoverers of Slovakian beauties, for this town is entrance gate to nature, traditions and landmarks.

Text and photo: Oskár Mažgút

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