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SK, Piešťany – Unforgettable Experience in the Eko Park

Published: 11.10.2020
This time we will take you to a small animal paradise, which has found its place near Piešťany, on the banks of the Sĺňava reservoir. The local Eko Park combines a contact zoo, unusual accommodation and a pleasant sitting.

Approximately three kilometers from Piešťany, a relatively new tourist attraction has sprung up in the form of the Eco Park. It is located next to a remarkable building called Rybársky Dvor, which is dominated by a thatched roof. It is an accommodation and restaurant facility, whose surroundings are more than magnificent. It consists of several bodies of water, even a relatively large lake. Lots of flowers, groomed shrubs and natural still lifes are literally a balm for the soul.

Rybársky Dvor

Rybársky Dvor (okolí) Rybársky Dvor (okolí)

Not far from this unprecedented building you will find the entrance to the contact zoo. You will reach animal inhabitants from Africa, Asia, South and North America, Australia and of course Europe. More than 180 animals are looking forward to meeting you.

Eko Park – kontaktní zoo

The real experience is to enter the cages, pet the animal or feed it. What is forbidden in a normal zoo is allowed here! Beautiful parrots, owls and respectful emu birds are waiting for you here. There are also predators, beautiful black swans or more exotic pelicans, flamingos or royal cranes.

Eko Park – kontaktní zoo

In addition to the birds, you can look forward to llamas, rabbits, guinea pigs, zebras, adorable nosals, squirrels and meerkats. Kangaroos and antelopes are also remarkable. For children there are also huge bouncy castles, go-karts, several playgrounds and adults will certainly appreciate the many seats. We recommend, for example, a short rest at the water lily.

Eko Park – kontaktní zoo

Eko Park – kontaktní zoo Eko Park – kontaktní zoo

By visiting Eko Park, you will also help save black cockatoos in Australia, where part of every entrance fee paid goes. You can sign up for your children in the Eco Circle, where they will learn a lot about the protection and breeding of animals, fishing, plants and try out various sports activities.

Eko Park – velké jezero

Další nevšední atrakcí je prohlížení zoo z vody, a to prostřednictvím eko-elektrických člunů. Eko Park je kromě auta (k dispozici je zde velké bezplatné parkoviště) dostupný i na kole, vedle břehu přehradního jezera Sĺňava je vybudovaná asfaltová cyklostezka. Otevírací hodiny si předem raději zkontrolujte, jelikož provoz Eko Parku není celoroční a do velké míry závisí i na počasí.

vodní nádrž Sĺňava

Eco Park Piešťany is an excellent family tip for a trip that you will definitely like to remember for a long time.

GPS: 48°33'01.2"N 17°48'46.7"E

Text and photos: Oskár Mažgút

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