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SK, Rimavska Sobota: Gemersko-Malohont Museum

Published: 22.10.2017
This time we go to Rimavska Sobota. There we visit the fifth oldest museum in Slovakia – The Gemersko-Malohont Museum. We take a look at its permanent exhibitions which take you to amazing history.

Gemersko-Malohotske Museum in Rimavska Sobota was founded on September 3, 1882. In 1910, it moved to the former artillery garrison built in the year 1850. Today, it is a cultural facility of the Banska Bystrica region. Its main focus is on nature and cultural heritage of Gemer and Malohont regions. Since 1996, the museum has been focused on documentation of material and immaterial heritage of the Roma people of Slovakia.

veduta of Rimavska Soboty

The main goal of the museum is to protect, enrich and present its vast collection containing over 100 thousand items. It is one of few Slovakia's museum which also administers a vast historic book collection. Its oldest volumes date back to the 16th century.

mumie egyptské ženy

The national history galleryp resents items related to paleontology, zoology, archeology, history, literature, ethnology, and fine arts. The most interesting findings include bones of mastodon,  expozice prezentuje sbírkové předměty z vědních oborů paleontologie, zoologie, archeologie, historie, literatury, etnologie a výtvarného umění. Zajímavé jsou nálezy kostí mastodonta, tapíra či nosorožce z paleontologické lokality Kostná dolina u obce Hajnáčka, pestrá kolekce dermoplastických preparátů živočichů, vzácné archeologické nálezy z doby bronzové ze Včelinců, Hodějova, Tornale i samotné Rimavské Soboty.

ukázka expozice paleontologické lokality Kostná dolina u Hajnáčky

There are collections focusing on Turkish invasions, uprisings of the estates, showings of stoneware, guld craftsmanship, historic furniture, folk housing, clothing, farming, hand-crafted products (by potters, circular looms, carvings...). Art includes works of important Hungarian artsits as well as of artists of Gemer and Malohont regions.

ukázka expozice z lidové kultury regionu

There is also a separated exposition on anti-fascist fight and the Slovakian national uprising focused on the region. Some exotic items include the mummy of an Egyptian woman dating back to the years 1087–664 BCE, an egg of the elephant bird, the largest, non-flying bird of  Madagascar. The bird went extinct probably in the 17th century. In addition to that, there is a unique veduta (a historic graphic record) of Rimavska Sobota. It captures city as it existed in the Middle Ages.

ukázka expozice z lidové kultury regionu

Apart from permanent expositions, the museum organizes many themed expositions and intresting events. The Long Nights of Museums is the most popular. Also, the museum pays high attention to school trips. It offers lectures, classes, and specialized lectures. Since 2005, the museum has been publishing Gerner-Malohont almanach.budova Gemersko-malohontského muzea

The Gemersko-Malohontske Museum supports propagation of the region and the city it resides in. Its activities also work in order to support regional identity. Touring the museum was an experience which made us learn about culture of this rich region featuring amazing nature sceneries. We highly recommend you to to try it for yourself!

historic furtniture exposition

To conclude, we would like to inform you on the current exposition – The best of the Gemersko-Malohontske Museum. This gallery was put together to commemorate the 135th anniversary of the foundation of the museum. It presents the history of the museum and it brings a different angle on collected items and their interregional significance. The aforementioned exposition end on November 30, 2017. So hurry up!

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