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SK, Šamorín: Old and Modern - VIDEO

Published: 23.10.2022
Šamorín, a town of nearly 14 thousand, is situated in western Slovakia less than 25 kilometres southeast of Bratislava. The rye-island town is surrounded by the Danube Lowland and is divided into five parts, namely Šamorín, Bučuháza, Čilistov, Královianky, Mliečno and two historical parts Gančháza and Šámot.

Šamorín is a very old town and its roots go back to the Middle Ages. A memento of the old times are the monuments in the form of, for example, the Reformed Late Romanesque Church, which ranks among the most valuable and oldest buildings on Rye Island. Also notable are the synagogue, the town hall, the chapel in the park (part of Čilistov) and the Roman Catholic church and monastery. 

Šamorín - římskokatolický kostel a klášter

Šamorín - synagóga Šamorín - Reformovaný kostol

The town also has a number of crosses and small chapels (also known as God's torments), which are located in their original places throughout the town. In the central square (near the Town Hall) is the Trinity Column from 1781. Of course, there are also roadside crosses and chapels that can be found on the outskirts of the town.

Šamorín - Trojičný sloup

Šamorín - budova radnice Šamorín - X-bionic® sphere (ubytovne pre športovcov)

Thanks to the construction of the Gabčíkovo Waterworks, the Hrušovská Dam with a feeder canal was built in the town's cadastre, which is a popular tourist attraction and offers suitable conditions for water sports or water tourism. The international Danube Cycle Route (Eurovelo 6) also runs along the dam of the canal and the dam. 

Šamorín - kajakářský kanál

There are several accommodation and catering facilities in the town and its surroundings. Local restaurants offer gastronomic specialties of the Rye Island, homemade desserts of their own production, which you can taste for example in the original confectionery - gingerbread house.

Šamorín - perníkový domeček

But the biggest attraction of Šamorín is the X-bionic® sphere, a resort for relaxation and sports. On an area of 379,167 square metres is perhaps the most modern Olympic equestrian centre in Europe. There is also a 50-metre outdoor Olympic swimming pool, a 25-metre indoor pool, a canal recreational pool with various water attractions or a "wild river", water slides and a children's pool. The world-class complex also includes one of the best-equipped fitness centres in Slovakia, outdoor multi-purpose courts for children and adults, as well as grass and sand arenas.Šamorín - X-bionic® sphere 

 Šamorín - X-bionic® sphere (atletický areál) Šamorín - X-bionic® sphere (fitness)

There are also two indoor riding halls and a racecourse, an athletics complex designed with the training requirements of professional athletes in mind, but also open to the general public. An interesting feature of this sports complex is that it meets the highest standards for the organisation of sporting events. The proof is the annual international athletics meeting P-T-S. This complex also includes a multifunctional area for ball games such as handball, volleyball, netball, streetball or mini-football.

Šamorín - X-bionic® sphere

Šamorín - X-bionic® sphere Šamorín - X-bionic® sphere

Fans of wellness services and diverse gastronomy will also find something for themselves here. A huge statue of a horse is a distinctive and symbolic decoration of the complex. The surroundings of the X-bionic® sphere even offer a unique sightseeing boat trip from the Kormorán harbour in Čilistovo. So what do you say, have we inspired you to visit?

Šamorín - X-bionic® sphere

Šamorín - X-bionic® sphere (futbalový štadión) Šamorín - X-bionic® sphere

GPS: 48°01'51.8"N 17°18'15.9"E

Text, photos, and video: Pavol Jemala, Slovensko zdola

Music: Pixabay.com; Soft Rock Guitar Picking - 2963

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