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SK: Spisska Magura – To Bachledova Valley

Published: 11.1.2023
The region of Spis boasts many historic sights as well as amazing natural wonders. In the forefront stand beloved locality- Bachledova vally, a sports resort in the south of the Spisska Magura mountain range.

the Spišská Magura mountain range

Spisska Magura

The Spisska Magura is situated in the region of Spis, the northeastern part of Slovakia. Repisko (1 259 m) is the highest peak of this mountain range which is criss-crossed by various tourist trails as well as bike trails. Anyone who loves to spend to spend time in the mountains will love it here. The blue trail is among the most popular. It runs in the southern part of the main ridge. The vistas over the High Tatras and Belianske Tatras   are nothing but spectacular. Especially, the section between Bachled's valley and Zdiar are highly popular. The vistas from here over the ridge of the Belianske Tatras is amazin – among others note epsecially the peaks of Zdiarska Vidla (2 142 m) and Havran (2 152 m).

on the ridge of Spišská Magura

Bachledova Valley – Winter Sports 

Bachledova valley stretches along the southeastern edge of the Spisska Magura. Concretely, it is located in the Repisko subregion near Zdiar, a Tatranian town. There are many great attractions and outdoor sport activities accessible all year round. This is also a well-known tourist area offering complex services, beloved by tourists especially in winter. Local ski resort opens many possibilities with its many ski slopes, ski tows, and a chairlift. Yet you may do more there than just skiing alone. Above the Bachleda valley, there are two boservation towers. The first one – Bachledka observation tower – sits near the blue tourist trail on the middle of the road between Mala Polana and Bukovina localities. The tower is admission free. The other observation tower belongs to Korunami Stromu trail, attraction, and the entrance there is charged.

Bachledova Valley  and Belianske Tatras

Korunami Stromu Trail (Through the Treetops Trail)

A new attraction was opened in September 2017. It is unlike any other in Slovakia. A truly unique trail which goes by the name Through the Treetops Trail was built across treetops and features a observation tower. It is situated on the ridge close to a chairlift stop. The trail goes here from Bachleda valley. We can get there also along the yellow tourist trail or by making an easy climb along the road from the parking lot in Bachleda valley. Some sections of this scenic route are as high as 24 meters above the ground. The trail is 1234 meters long. At its end, visitors climb up an observation tower which gets them 32 meters above the ground. The trail is maid so that the visitors may move easy and safely. In addition to that, the trail is wheelchair accessible. There are information panels in some sections. These make us learn interesting information on forest's ecology as well as about local flora and fauna.

Korunami stromu trail

Spisska Magura's main ridge in the area of Bachledova valley is a wonderful place. You may enjoy amazing nature of the Belianske Tatras in the background. Also, you may see the mountainous landscape of the Spisska Magura. While walking on the nature trail, you will learn on how forest ecosystem works and enjoy the vistas at the same time. Easy access to the area makes it easy to visit by children and seniors, and great family trips all year round.

the vista from the tower over Korunami Stromu trailthe vista from the nature trail over the Belianske Tatras

GPS: 49°16'18.9"N 20°18'35.0"E

Text and photos: Radoslav Biskupič

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