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SK, Svatý Jur – A Wine Town III

Published: 18.11.2020
This week, for the last time, we will return to the breathtaking town of Svatý Jur to complete a sightseeing tour and at the same time visit a lookout tower nestled among vineyards, which offers panoramic views of the picturesque Little Carpathian landscape.

In the historical part of the city, you will be enchanted by the Pálffy Castle, whose origins date back to the 13th century. The unique Renaissance residence of Kateřina Pálffyová and Štěpán Illéshazy became pride after the building modifications. In the 18th and 19th centuries, it was used for economic and rental purposes, from 1907 the building was used for convalescent stays of sick children and later it was used by a local agricultural cooperative. An extensive reconstruction is currently underway, including the restoration of historic cellars, which should restore the chateau's winemaking spirit.

Pálffyovský zámek

A few steps from the chateau is the national cultural monument Upper Barracks from the 17th century, which you can recognize by the tables located on the facade itself. They are dedicated to personalities and historical events connected with St. George.

Horní kasárna

If you go to the alley opposite the castle (Pezinská), you will pass a distinctive fire tower and the area of the voluntary fire brigade, behind which is situated Scheidlin Garden. This year-round park with a children's playground is very popular.

Scheidlinova zahrada

Scheidlinova zahrada   Scheidlinova zahrada a pohled na protipožární věž

Last but not least, the town is a Renaissance wine house, which has a characteristic architecture - an arched underpass, an arcaded staircase, the lining of Renaissance windows or a 500-year-old cellar. In the inner courtyard, be sure to enjoy a glass of fine wine and surround yourself with the unique atmosphere of the past.

Renesanční vinařský dům

Renesanční vinařský dům   vinný sklep

The building of the noble manor of the Zichy family, which is now used for the administration of the town, is definitely worth a visit, and you will also find the town museum here. On the house you will immediately notice the central neo-Gothic gable with the coat of arms of the city. Other monuments include several mansions, the building of the first horse railway in Hungary and the Jewish synagogue.

šlechtická kurie

But now we set out for the beautiful vineyards, which are evidenced by historical documents from 1270. This ancient example of vine growing gives the surroundings of the town a distinctive color. A tourist attraction is also a low viewing platform, providing colorful views especially in autumn. You can even get to it by car. The tourist attraction is completed by an open-air wine open-air museum, which provides a view of the hard work of growing and processing grapes.

vyhlídková plošina

pohled z rozhledny   pohled z rozhledny

Want more exercise? You can ascend to Velký Javorník, where there is an important radar point for air transport, Malý Javorník, where you will find the workplace of satellite and radar meteorology CHMI, Sakrakopec, which witnessed the greatest air tragedy in the history of Czechoslovakia, and last but not least the popular Blue and To the White Cross or to the spring of Vydrica.


Svatý Jur offers many nice nooks, great history and relaxation in the surrounding countryside, so you should definitely visit it.

GPS: 48°15'04.0"N 17°12'15.9"E  (the lookout tower)


Text and photoso: Oskár Mažgút

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