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SK, Taking Kids to Chateaus and Castles in Eastern Slovakia

Published: 4.6.2022
Are you planning a holiday in eastern Slovakia or are you just looking for tips on family trips? At the same time, you certainly cannot miss the last part of the Castles for Children trilogy, which will take you to the castles and chateaux of eastern Slovakia.

Turnian White Lady, Lubovnian Werewolves or Vinian Wizard. Take the children to Slovak castles and tell them about the history in an interesting way.

Hrady pro děti, 3. díl

Castles for Children is the third volume of the Slovakian trilogy on children's exploration of castles. As the author Daniel Kollár states, "when in the first part we focused on children's exploration of the castles of western Slovakia, in the second part the castles of central Slovakia, the third part offers interesting ideas for trips to the most visited castles in eastern Slovakia." 

Hrady pro děti, 3. díl - Zichyho zámek (Divín)

25 Castles in Eastern Slovakia 

The author duo Daniel Kollár and Viera Poláková walked with their branches and mapped 25 castle sites in eastern Slovakia, which are among the most interesting places, especially for children. They interpret them in a fun and visually interesting way and thus introduces the children's reader and his parents not only interesting corners of castles, but also their surroundings.

Hrady pro děti, 3. díl

Legends and Fairy Tale Creatures 

The authors invite you to visit the castles: "Children can look for counterfeit coins at Jasenov Castle, visit the Black Lady of Kežmarok or see the bizarre landscape of parallel bars around Kamenice." There are 25 castle trips in the book and several tips for points of interest in close vicinity of the castles. Each introduction of acastle begins with an introductory legend about the castle, continues with a copy of the castle and excerpts from its history, and ends with various gems and attractions from its surroundings.

Hrady pre deti, 3. diel - Zborov

Painted Map 

The book is supplemented by a painted map of eastern Slovakia with drawn castles and outlined trips. It also includes windows for castle stickers, which are included with the painted map. The child can thus stick each visited castle in the drawn window and gradually complete all 25 castle trips.

Hrady pro děti, 3. díl - Velký Kamenec

Practical Information to Trips 

The amount of information, texts, photographs and illustrations is an ideal topic for planning family castle trips and meaningful leisure time with children. The book also includes a lot of practical information and advice needed to plan these trips. Although part of the castles can be reached by car, the authors especially recommend hiking or biking trails. At the same time, there can be no lack of information about the length, elevation or difficulty of these routes, which, however, also depends on the age of the child and their stamina. These are mostly average data and recommendations, so practically every trip can be completed by a child between the ages of three and fifteen in the presence of a parent. Of course, the duration of the trip can be shortened or extended according to the child's dispositions and it is up to the parents to choose which alternative.

Hrady pro děti - 1., 2., 3. díl 

You Can Win!

For all those who like castles and competitions, we offer the opportunity to participate in the competition for this unique publication, to which we will also add the 1st and 2nd volume of the book collection! All you have to do is write us at least three names of castles or chateaux in eastern Slovakia at info@infoglobe.sk and you will be entered into a draw. Send us your answers by June 15, 2022. The name of the winner will be announced on our social networks.


Source and photos: PR, Dajama Publishing

Edited by: Infoglobe

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