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SK: The Best Hot Springs in Slovakia Worth Visiting

Published: 25.3.2020
Both hot springs and thermal spas have long been considered only as a resting place for older people who come here to treat illnesses through the healing properties of mineral or thermal waters. But hot springs have changed today and are much more than just a spa, offering comprehensive wellness stays for all ages.

Slovakia has many great places where you can enjoy this luxury, relax or soak in warm mineral water, which guarantees countless health benefits. We will now introduce some of the best.

Turčianské Teplice

Thermal Baths of Turčianské Teplice

The luxurious five-star Teplice resort offers you a stunning thermal spa with hot springs. Here you will be surrounded by incredible natural scenery and atmosphere that contributes to overall relaxation.

Turčianské Teplice – lázně

Turčianské Teplice – lázně   Turčianske Teplice – lázně 

The spa has swimming pools, saunas, peat, herbal, mud, emerald and many other treatments, a gym and several departments dedicated to beauty, wellness and medical services.

Turčianské Teplice – lázně

Hydrotherapy for Whole Regeneration of Organism

The company and the Medical SPA group are known to help people with impaired post-traumatic and postoperative musculoskeletal problems. Special hydrotherapy helps in overworking, nerve diseases and great effect on the overall regeneration of the organism, which today everyone will surely appreciate.

Turčianské Teplice – lázně

You will find everything you need to improve your health and well-being, especially in muscular system disorders or chronic musculoskeletal disorders. You can also just relax, turn off yourcell phone and enjoy one of the many beauty treatments.


Spa Which Will Get You into Shape

The whole area of the spa is known for its healing properties, so visiting the thermal waters in their heart will be one of the most beautiful experiences.

Turčianské Teplice

These sources are used to prevent many diseases in which water is one form of treatment. However, the spa also offers more traditional treatments.

Turčianské Teplice

Surround yourself with these “miraculous” procedures, the great mountains, the best services and equipment. Take care of yourself as only thermal spa can allow.

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