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SK, Trenčín Region – The Kingdom of Matúš Čák II

Published: 1.7.2020
As soon as you enter the Trenčín region, you will find yourself in Matouš's kingdom, which is named after the most powerful ruler and Hungarian nobleman named Matúš Čák Trenčianský. In this kingdom, you can not only admire the beauty of nature and historical monuments, but also visit villages, towns, restaurants and hotels, which work together to offer services and traditions so that everyone feels at home.

On the Road

Join us to explore the legends and secrets of castles and chateaux or the feudal history of this region. We will start at Beckov Castle, which was founded in the 13th century and is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved castle ruins in Slovakia.

hrad Beckov, (c) Pixabay.com

The castle proudly rises on a 60 meter high parallel above the village of the same name and will surely be noticed by everyone who travels through the Váh valley. It forms a very aesthetically pleasing, clearly visible from a distance and accessible by a short ascent, the dominant feature of Middle Považie. In 1970, it was declared a national cultural monument due to its extraordinary historical and cultural value. Today, in addition to learning about history, visitors can also visit the summer cinema, experience a duel of medieval warriors, taste period dishes, admire the work of skilled craftsmen or just relax in the shadow of the massive castle walls.

hrad Beckov, (c) Pixabay.com

Another medieval gem is the ruins of the castle Lednica, located in the beautiful natural environment of the White Carpathians.

zřícenina hradu Lednica

The history of the castle dates back to the middle of the 13th century and, like most castles, this one changed many owners during its existence. From the beginning of the 18th century, the castle slowly began to fall into disrepair. Today it is a popular destination for tourist trips. Probably the best starting point is the signpost at the church in the center of the village, from where it is to Lednice klippe and the ruins of the castle a pleasant walk of about 20 minutes. If you are a lover of beautiful views, definitely "scramble" to the rock above the castle. You will have the most beautiful view of the White Carpathians and the adjacent part of Považie from here.

Bílé Karpaty   Bílé Karpaty

The Slovak part of the border mountains of the White Carpathians boasts many limestone rocks, which contrast sharply with the surrounding rounded hills. You can also find one of these impressive parallel bars above the neighboring village of Červený kameň. From Lednice it is necessary to follow the blue tourist sign towards Červenokamenské klippe. Only climbers can get to the top of the parallel bar. Ordinary tourists can admire this parallel, declared a nature reserve, only from the surrounding area.

Vršatecká bradla

When we are already in a tourist mood, we cannot fail to mention the majestic Vršatská klippes, which are part of the White Carpathians. This very attractive tourist location provides extensive views of the surrounding area. The ideal starting point is the village of Vršatské Podhradí, from where a blue marked hiking trail will take you to the ruins of Vršatec Castle, which dates from the mid-13th century. The way further to the ridge itself needs to be considered in the winter and, of course, we must not forget the safety of movement in the mountains and have suitable hiking equipment.

Vršatecká bradla

You should also visit the national nature reserve Čachtický hradní vrch, where there is a rare rocky forest steppe, arid flora, rare species of insects, natural waterfalls and caves with rich stalactite decoration. It is located in the cadastre of the village Čachtice. In addition to natural beauties, there is also the legendary Čachtice castle on its territory, perhaps the most famous owner of which was Alžběta Báthoryová. An educational and hiking trail leads through the national nature reserve.

Čachtické Karpaty

Our next tourist tip is the protected landscape area of Strážovské vrchy. It combines dense forests, bizarre rock formations, picturesque basins and unusual valleys. The protected area has an area of 30,979 ha and in its large area is divided into two landscape-specific areas. In the north, the conglomerate rocks of Súlovské skal rise, and in the southern part, Strážovské vrchy, with a more diverse rock composition. In addition to the varied relief, the Strážovské vrchy protected landscape area is rich in rare fauna and flora. This area includes - mainly for climbers - the famous Manínska and Kostolecká gorges.

Strážovské vrchy, (c) Pixabay.com

Next week, we will visit a famous mound, a zoo or a spa town.

GPS: 48°47'27.1"N 17°53'52.6"E (Beckov)


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