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South Africa – The Land of Everything

Published: 28.9.2021
South Africa is the most southern country in Africa. It is located between the Atlantic and Indian oceans. The capital is Pretoria. In this day’s article we will talk about touristic destinations of this beautiful country and we will tell you also some interesting facts.

 Футбольные болельщики ЮАР

South Africa has changed in last years. If you consider you will visit Africa as such you shouldn’t miss the Republic of South Africa. This country with the population of 50 millions is one of the most beautiful places of our planet. You can find here a desert, vast plateaus, the monumental Dragensberg, modern metropolises, natural reservations or interesting culture and traditions. We have learnd from the history that Europeans colonized the South Africa. Thanks to this you will feel there as at home. The average temperature in summer is 28 degrees C and in winter 18 degrees C. There are 11 languages in South Africa however, the most used is English so you won’t have problem with communication. Infrastructure is very good so you can drive your car on high quality roads or highways, those who like trains will appreciate high-speed trains and large airports, which are connecting South Africa with the rest of the world. South Africa offers the so-called Big Five of experiences – high mountains, clear water, good wines, national parks and golfing (where you will probably encounter also crocodiles).
Letiště v Kapském městě
Visitors will receive after their arrival to “the country of everything" a map of experiences that will guide you through this fascinating and unusual country. "Learn about dark blue ", is the name of the first trip circuit. Visitors, or rather adventurers, have an option to observe whales, dolphins, penguins, the seals’ island, myriads of sardines, two aquariums, uShaka sea world, and diving in water with cages filled with sharks. The second circuit, "the picturesqueness" is ideal four tourists. There are tips in the guide for the Cape Point visit (the most southern place in Africa), Table Mountain, the Augrabies Falls, the legendary Dragensberg, Southafrican Rondavel cottages, the Cango Caves, God’s Window, and Clarens. The third circuite will take you deeper into country’s history and will introduce you to its origins and culture of the locals. The goal of the trip is the "cradle of men" in the Gauteng province, excavation site and a museum in the Mapungubwe National Park, tropical kingdom of rain in Modjadji, a battlefield of the famous Boer-British-Zulu war, great amusing park the Gold Reef City a great amusement park, trips to Soweto (Southafrican slums), the Robben Island museum or Kimberley - the city of diamonds.
Kapské město
The fourth circuit is "adventure". It is suitable only for fans of adrenaline that like horse riding, rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, or surfing. South Africa doesn’t forget mountaineers and zip wire-u fans. If you don’t belong to any of those categories and you prefer comfort you will like the fifth and the sixth circuit. These will lead you to luxurious hotels, yachts, local wine bars and night clubs. You will be provided with tips on concerts and festivals. The last circuit will take you to wild African nature, you will see all animals of the so-called Bif African Five and many others. Experienced guides will guide you in national parks.
Pláže a příroda JAR
The Republic of South Africa offers many experiences, exploration and beauties just waiting for you. And now the interesting fact about a typical gem called Zulu and a beverage that will get drunk even an elephant. Beads of many colors that symbolize various wishes create the gem. The Zulu gem is a symbol of love and favor thus be careful who will gift you this gem. And the strong alcoholic beverage? It is called Amarula. It is made of fruits of the Marula tree, an elephant tree. The name is very well chosen as elephants usually gather around these trees. They eat its bright yellow fruits that content some alcohol. No wonder you will encounter a slowly swinging elephant.
obyvatelé JAR
GPS: 26°12'03.9"S 28°01'49.2"E
Text: Oskár Mažgút
Source and photo: southafrica.net

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