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Southern Slovakia: Komárno - Border Town On The Danube Bank II.

Published: 15.3.2012
Komárno and its surroundings are an ideal place to spend a pleasant weekend. The first spring days are ideal for exploring places. When the sun is shining already, but still not warm, comes the most appropriate period for a walk in history and culture of this border town.

In Komárno, there are many beautiful corners. This city with rich history hides many cultural and historical monuments that are definitely worth a visit. In addition, it lives in Komárno and intense cultural and social life, so you certainly have every visitor to find their "right choice".

The whole of Europe on a only one square

For perhaps the most visited parts of the city include the Courtyard of Europe. At the opening ceremony, which took place relatively recently, in late 2000, in addition to the Slovak political leaders also attended by the then President of our southern neighbours. While it is true that crowds of tourists, as it featured creators Square here today not rushing in droves. Even more, however, can enjoy the peace that emanates directly from the city. Europe Square symbolizing solidarity with the peoples of our continent is an area of ​​6500 square meters. Houses on this unique square represent a typical architecture from different parts of Europe. The whole square is walled colourful replicas of buildings of various styles that reflect the historic architecture such as Finland, Vatican, Iceland and many other parts of Europe. With the historic centre of the city is connected by three gates that bear the names of prominent monarchs. Especially there are Gate of Béla the IV's, Gate of St. Stephen's, and Maria Theresa Gate. In the middle of the square is a functional copy of the wells, which originally stood on the main square in front of City Hall of Komárno. One of the dominant construction bulding is another gate, which is located by the internal side park of Zichy Palace. Matthew gate by shape and colours of the facade remands the buildings built during the reign of King Matthias I, who was close with Komárno.

Other places of Komárno

Courtyard of Europe, however, is far from the only attraction for tourists. Komárno boasts many witnesses, important buildings, or an interesting bridge over the Danube river border. Among the interesting sights of the city include the Trinitarian column in the square opposite the town hall, which gave to build in 1715 to commemorate the victims of the plague which raged in Komárno in 1710 till the 1711th Even the city hall building itself is very interesting. During the tour you should not miss the city or county building, courthouse, Zichy Palace, or the building of former Jesuit college, one of the oldest building in the city. The most beautiful buildings are undoubtedly Komárno Officer pavilion, which was built in neo-Gothic style between 1858 to 1863 and remands the appearance of an English Gothic. Today the building serves the purposes of major social events. In the Danube Museum, whose building was built in 1913 for an impressive eight months, are now placed valuable historical, ethnographic and archaeological exhibition and temporary thematic, art and traveling exhibitions. Komárno is also famous for its very well condition and unique fortification system, which is one of the most important complex in the Slovak Republic. For more details you can read about it on our website soon.

Good advice at the end

How I could forget perfect vegetables and delicious, and fragrant fruit from Komárno area. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you certainly are on the way home stopped at one of the vendors who sell seasonal routes next to the vegetables and fruits fresh and buy something directly from the garden. Definitely you won´t lose anything.

Text/photo: O. Maňáková

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Published: 29.4.2010
Komárno belongs, with its number of inhabitants (approx. 40000) among the first twenty biggest towns in Slovakia.

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