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SR, Javorníky: On The Ridge To Velký Javorník

Published: 13.9.2012
If you belong to lovers of nature, for who is no problem to carry the essentials on back - water, something to eat, and in case of worsening weather also some spare clothes, or at least a raincoat and hiking outing from ridge mountain hotel Portáš to the highest mountain peak of Javorníky - to the Velký Javorník, I can highly recommend.

This Czech-Slovak interesting trip, which may be one of the most time-consuming, easily mastered with children. It is a pleasant, but quite long, ridge hike, during that, however, you will not find on any buffet, so at least some food and especially water you should definitely take it with you. Since the weather in the mountains is often unpredictable and can change rapidly, even a change of clothes or at least a raincoat is a must for your hiking gear. Yet the tourist walks sure to check the weather forecast, preferably designed specifically for the mountain region. The September weather is the most consistent, summer heat is in retreat and pleasant Indian summer is ideal for mountain walks. And nature in this time you will be enchanted by its beautiful colours. So go to the countryside.

Mountain hotel Portáš

To Velký Javorník several marked hiking trails lead, whether from the Slovak mountains, or from Czech side. For us the starting point, and also a target, since we have been here for a few nights stay, became Portáš Mountain hotel, situated right on the border of ttourist signpost near Portáš hotelhese two states.

Modest Ridge

Directly in front of hotel stands tourist signpost (sponge). For our today destination we chose Velký Javorník, the highest mountain of all mountains Javorníky, which reaches a height of 1072 m above sea level. It is located approximately in the middle of the mountains on the main ridge. The all route of our trip led from start to finish along the red trail. Despite, the mastering all tour from the mountain Hotel Portáš to Velký Javorník and back took us over half a day, certainly we can´t talk about strenuous climb. Hiking trail led along the ridge, and so no long steep climbs were waiting for us.

Released doping on Malý Javorník

Malý JavorníkAfter walking about five miles in front of us on the right side of the tourist path was a small elevated plain. Hooray, finally Malý Javorník (1019 m), our first "intermediate destination", where we indulged in the form of snacks apples and great chocolate bars. Of course, from our own resources, because as I already mentioned, we have no way of buffet or a chalet strike. On top of us except tourist signpost waited and board that pointed that way leads borders. Of course there was a boundary stone, those along the way we passed numerous indeed. Thus far, we had trod moment after moment after Slovak and Czech side of Javorníky.
saddle Bukovina
Memorial and the overview on Ztracenec

From now on our footsteps wander on the Slovak side of the mountain. But still, we can say that we went very close to the state border. We continued over the saddle Bukovina, until we got to the top Ztracenec (loser), except where we Monument liberation struggles welcomed the beautiful wooden viewpoint from which greeted with a wonderful panoramic view of the countryside. Here we took a small break, delighted by the view around, and as we began to deteriorate weather, rather we did not stay long and moved on.


       Ztracenec  beautiful view             Throughout the tour, except tourists we met many cyclists. Beautiful nature, relatively easy terrain and interesting views of the countryside also attracted them. Not only adults, but many children have managed such a trip without having to know them on a particularly great fatigue. Until I was ashamed, that I am not half a fit by them. I already started to feel my feet pain, but I did not know anything about myself and continued on. To the destination that's not far.
Glory to our trip, we didn’t get wet, here we are

Soon we were in the saddle Gežov, from where you could see the Double cross on Velký Javorník. It seemed that at any moment the first raindrops fall, but the weather we have now could not be discouraged. In the short time before we went to the top, but also torn clouds, so we at the top - the Velký Javorník indulged deserved a longer break. It was really beautiful. Beautiful view, quite a few people, who have got the same destination, although separately. I love the mountains, not only nature but also the people, as if the beauty of the surroundings and transmitted to their souls. In the mountains people greet each other, some of them talk to you, even if you have never seen before and I probably will never see again. There simply forget their common troubles.

Velký Javorník

I was a little afraid that the way back had already avoided the rain, but I was wrong. The journey went quickly and drizzle only if we protect Branching treetops, so back to the mountain hotel Portáš we returned pleasantly tired and fortunately even dry.

Text/photo: O. Maňáková



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