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SR, Rajecké Teplice: Wonders of Nature

Published: 29.11.2012
Rajecká basin and its surroundings is filled with tourist attractions and amazing places in nature. The town of Rajecké Teplice is well-known for its spa tradition, however, it boasts with other wonders of nature.

Everyone who visits this spa town must notice the beauty of Súlovské Hills and other diversified geological formations that embellish local landscape. Skalky Hill, Poluvsianská skalní jehla or Sunny Rocks are localities worth visiting.

Rajecké Teplice are situated south of Žilina in the area of Rajecká basin close to Súlovské Hills. The town is intersected by the road No. 64 which makes it easily accessible not only from od Žilina, but also from Prievidza or Považská Bystrica (if you get on turn-off on Rajecké Teplice). From west the town is protected by a massive formation of Sulovské Hills, particularly Tlustá hora (The Fat Mountain) (747 m above the sea level) and Skalky (778 m. above the sea level). These hills are covered with broadleaf and coniferous forest, especially in autumn its colorfulness is amazing. Picturesqueness of the surroundings of Rajecké Teplice and its valley crossed by the Rajčanka river are completed by hills with vast green meadows. From the east side Rajecká basin is bounded by Lúčanská Malá Fatra where is Kozel National Natural Reserve.

Rozsáhlé zelené pastviny v okolí Rajeckých Teplic

Skalky Hill – a Landmark of Rajecké Teplice
Surrounding of Rajecké Teplice is rich on phenomena of animated and inanimate nature. One of these is Skalky Hill (778 meters above the sea level) rising above Rajecké Teplice and is a distinctive landmark of the town. The peak of the hill consists of indented rock towers and other vertical rock shapes and steep cliffs. All these uncommon shapes have their origin in processes of erosion and tectonic faults during the Mesozoic era. Thank to its beautiful view over the town and its surroundings when on top, this place most certainly belongs to the most visited in the area. To the top of Skalka leads marked path right from the center of the town.

Malebné okolí Rajeckých teplic

Poluvsianská skalní jehla (Poluvsian Rocky Needle)
Another interesting Rajecké Teplice boasts with is protected natural wonder known as Poluvsianská skalní jehla. This remarkable thing  is easibly reachable and you can find it on the main road close to the train station in Poluvsie which is in northern part of Rajecké Teplice. Next to “rocky needle” is an info board showing details of this natural attraction. The geological structure itself constitutes of a 15 meters high dolomite tower that was formed when separated from neighboring cliffs along tectonic rifts. Its present shape created erosion.

       Poluvsianská skalní jehla

Slunečné Skály Natural Reserve
The above-mentioned natural reserve is located north of Rajecké Teplice between Poluvsie and Porúbka towns. Slunečné Skály NR covers the area of 90,54 ha on eastern border of Súlovské Hills. The locality is characteristic with its varied and bizarre rock formations formed in the Mesozoic era dolomites of Chořský Nappe. An intensive erosive activity together with tectonic processes modeled many rock formations in the dolomite massif. These rocky formations are steep grey-white cliffs, deep rifts and massive rock forms. Across the natural reserve lead several touristic trails.

Malebné okolí Rajeckých TeplicMalebné okolí Rajeckých Teplic

Sunny Hills are right opposite to another natural sight Turská Rock.

Rajecké Teplice and its surroundings are most certainly a place that can offer not only spa facilities, but visitors can experience other unforgettable and amazing experiences. Amazing beauties of nature of the region are making Rajecké Teplice and Rajecká basin a place with remarkable atmosphere and extraordinary and picturesque surroundings.

Text and photo: Radoslav Biskupič

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