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SR, Sandberg: Witness The Ancient Tertiary Sea Near Bratislava I.

Published: 8.11.2012
Known and by tourists frequently visited protected paleontological locality of Sandberg at Děvínská Nová Ves a lot Bratislavans definitely know. The sand quarry is a popular destination for tourists as well as residents of the capital city. The reward for visiting the site is a beautiful view to Záhorská lowland, river Morava and Austria with Hainburges hills.

This interesting place is also a good orientation and a starting point from that it is possible to do a number of other trips to the nearby Děvínská Kobyla.

Sandberg locality is situated on the southern outskirts of Bratislava's Děvínská Nová Ves, bordering on the northern slopes of the hill of Děvínská Kobyla (514 m above sea level). In the past the quarry used for the extraction of sand, but is now protected paleontological sites - and has been since 1964. In 1965 the territory was expanded and renamed the National Nature Reserve Děvínská Kobyla, and from 1 January 1995, the area was renamed the National Wildlife Děvínská Kobyla. That protected area, stretching on the western slopes of Děvinská Kobyla, from Nová Ves south to Děvín, covering an area of ​​102 ha, is part of the protected area of ​​the Small Carpathians to the fourth degree of protection. The area is surrounded by a sand quarry symbolic wooden fencing, for which he is forbidden to enter, at which point an information board in front of location. Tourists can move only on marked roads and trails leading out of the enclosed area. Right next to the main tourist path is a table with more information about the site. It discusses the geological evolution and animals that inhabited this territory during the younger Tertiary.


The way to the site

The actual location is easily accessible by visitors. From the nearby Děvínská Nová Ves, and from Děvínská Kobyla or Děvín leads there several hiking trails. Part of the site can also be seen directly from Nová Ves – far away, at the foot of Děvín Kobyla, you'll see an unmistakable silhouette of bare sand wall. Quickly every tourist can orient who have visited this place first time. Location Sandberg is also suitable for short, undemanding family trips with children, it is accessible for cyclists. The main hiking trail, marked by blue label, starting at the Square of 6th of April of Děvínská Nová Ves, from where leads across the street of Slovinec, that is lined with houses. The path begins to climb up the hill and up to the very top, in the end, the street leads to an open area...


Sandberg - natural gem Bratislava

When climb the peak, where the asphalt ends, and continues only rocky footpath, the visitor suddenly arises unique view of the beautiful scenery. He can see a massive wall of sand, acting as grand bastion guarding the entrance to the National Nature Reserve. Over the decades, shape the wind, rain and frost from the sandy walls work worthy of the master. Each tourist will undoubtedly be enchanted by the breathtaking view and fantastic formations in the form of projections, steep cliffs, overhangs, tower, or sandstone ledges that lined the walls of the quarry. After a few meters walk blue marked walkway gradually outline of the main - the largest sand walls, the size and grandeur evoke admiration and respect at the same time. In the upper part we see massive bench heavy algal limestones sometimes protrude from the walls so dangerously, as if at any moment they break away and fall. When viewed from the direction of Austria Sandberg open wide lowland landscape and the Morava River stretching to the Devine, and in the distance, silhouetted Hainburges Hills, will have a tremendous person and a pleasant feeling, a sense of wonder, peace and beauty that you will remember for a long time.


Place of rest and relaxation

Sandberg location near Bratislava it is not only paleontological sites, which is interesting only for scientists. But quite the contrary. This place is a unique oasis of silence, rest and relaxation, or destination for less demanding hiking. However, it is also a place of natural beauty knowledge of animate and inanimate nature and ancient history of the region. Each of the visitors who already Sandberg even once visited, the desire to ever go back here again and again to see this magical location at the foot of Děvínská Kobyly.

Text/photo: Radoslav Biskupič


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