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SR, Štrbské Pleso: Slovakian Glacier Pride – VIDEO

Published: 11.12.2012
Every true Czechoslovak visited Štrbské Pleso. This Slovakian prides is located in High Tatras and is strictly demarcated by nature. It requires no physical endurance and despite cold it is a cozy place opened to everyone who comes to see it.

Euro – A Hard Currency in Tatras

The transportation between all parts of High Tatras is excellent and a comfort of Tatras’s “locos”. Štrbské Pleso is the last stop of railway in Tatras and it is only few hundreds meters from there to the lake itself. Already by a train station is clear how many things are ready to be sold to tourists. If you travel to Štrbské Pleso by a car, there are no doubts about it. Only parking costs you 5 euro. If you want to stay overnight, it will cost you no less than 3.5 thousand crowns (after a 50% discount. Štrbské Pleso

You pay a lot for seeing nature’s wonders in Slovensku. When you see types of cars parking in front of hotels, evidently Slovaks have no problems with high prices. Except for two Austrians, according to license plates there were only Slovaks who used hotel services. Why not? It is their national treasure and unlike Czechs they are proud of it.

Štrbské Pleso

Štrbské PlesoŠtrbské PlesoŠtrbské Pleso

Štrbské Pleso – A Slovakian Pride

It is a duty for every Slovak to enjoy at least once a morning walk along Štrbské Pleso. All around you can see young, old or sportsmen and sportswomen training. One dog even went for a swim in 20 meters deep lake.

Owners of stands along the main road offer strange things to tourists – Russian-style bushy caps, gloves, borovička (a type of alcohol) or other Slovakian spirit. You wouldn’t find anything interesting there. Due to temperatures oscillating around zero, the vendors are freezing and they haven’t many customers. However, Štrbské Pleso looks differently when a true winter strikes and mountains surrounding this “settlement” are covered with snow. In this situation  these mountains are overcrowded with people (skiers), unlike in autumn when it is a half-empty and unwelcoming place.

Štrbské PlesoŠtrbské PlesoŠtrbské Pleso

Štrbské Pleso

Štrbské Pleso – An Ideal Place to Sport

There are many opportunities for skiing in High Tatras. As in famous socialist movie Anděl na horách (Angel on Mountains) skiing on Sólisko is only for skilled ones. From my point of view and probably from the point of view of others who skied on Sólisko, skiing there is for hardy fellows not afraid of unpleasant cold wind blowing hard from all directions. The high altitude of the place has almost no influence on a steep downslope and skiers of all skills, except for beginners, will enjoy going downhill. When the weather is nice the place is beautiful and there is also a beautiful panorama. By lake you can see except for a cableway also a ski jump. The ski jump is together with cross-country tracks a part of center for the Nordic combined.    

Štrbské Pleso 

Štrbské Pleso is a important starting point for trips in High Tatras. A pleasant walk will lead you to Popradské Pleso. Tourists who decide to go to one of three valleys – Furkotské Valley (Štrbské Pleso is there), Mlynické Valley or Mengusovské Valley – will face a harder task.

Text/video: Klára Svobodová

Photo: Štěpánka Svobodová, Klára Svobodová

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