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SR: Zazriva - Tradition And Experience!

Published: 29.3.2012
Zazriva mountain village is an ideal place to spend active holidays for all nature lovers. Widely known for not only her beautiful nature that surrounds it, but also a beautiful wooden architecture, folk customs still maintained by and finally "Zázrivské korbáčiky" - traditional Slovak delicacy, whose production in the Zazriva can even try themselves.

Picturesque village Zazriva you can find on the northwest Slovak Republic, not far from the village Terchová that perhaps no one needs no introduction. Zázrivá Surrounding is ideal for hiking. From the many tourist walkways sure to choose an experienced mountaineer, but also a young family with children.

 okolí Zázrivéokolí Zázrivéokolí Zázrivéokolí Zázrivé 

Tourism in the area

Anyone, who visits there, should definitely see the set of gorges and canyons, which is named after the famous Slovak outlaw Juraj Janosik. Jánošíkova holes are located in small Kriváňské Fatra and consist of three parts. You will find walking paths with bridges, ladders and chains that will guide through the bottom holes, new holes or upper hole. Jánošíkova vyformoval hole punch stream, where tourists can admire today more than twenty Falls Dierového stream. Another very interesting tour is the ascent of a small peak Rozsutec. The most interesting way to the small peak Rozsutec the green trail leads from the village Terchová - Biely Potok through a system of canyons with bridges made available next to the creek to the saddleback Medzirozsutce chains and then secured on the way to the top of which offers breathtaking views of the Jánošík County. Another interesting example, leads tours at the crest of the Great or the Great Rozsutce Krivan, or Stefanova. Beauty of the surroundings can also explore by bike.

okolí Zázrivé
If someone is tired of walking and in the nearby village Zazriva is a very nice complex of cottages called Jánošík Court.
Jánošíkův dvůr v létěJánošíkův dvůr v zimě1.adventure golf v Jánošikovém dvoře

Relax in the heart of nature

Did you know that Anna, Juraj Janosik girlfriend, was from Zázrivá? The atmosphere where use to live this legendary couple, try for example, if you choose their place of residence in Zázrivá Jánošík Court. Two picturesque wooden houses and Juraj Matthew, is in Zázrivá in the Orava region, directly under the Small Fatra ridges, but the eighteenth century, when the legendary outlaw lived, just a legend associated and located near Terchova. They feature satellite TV, wi-fi signal in the restaurant, fireplace, and kitchen. But do not cook: the foods you enjoy old mothers Janosik in the pub, where the artistic representation of Juraj Janosik life. In the area of ​​wellness awaits you in comfortable heated Finnish sauna, outdoor hot tub or a relaxing massage. After a day of hiking, boating Orava, trips around the body to regenerate and take amazing strength needed. The device is extremely popular in the region. Easter is already long occupied, but your carefree summer or spring months, still finds a place. You better check the dates as soon as possible. I really have no gift for close to a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or for your employees and business partners? Why not give them an experience and well-being in pure nature in the region Janosik.

In the original surroundings Jánošík Court can spend pleasant moments of rest and when active. For an unforgettable experience and a new experience for you is ready to school folk dance, whistle school, or you can make your own zázrivské pigtails. If you choose to come with children, be sure to first adventure golf Slovak Republic - undemanding entertainment and activities for each family member. For more information, visit Jánošík Court.

Text: Jánošík Court and O. Maňáková                      

Penzión Zázrivá Jánošíkov dvor - zážitkový penzión 5851-609233-609234>
Photos: Jánošík Court and O. Maňáková

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