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SVK: Terchová - A Trip Into Mountains

Published: 3.5.2011
Small Fatra Mountains - this is most accessible mountaneous target of all Czechs, travelling to Slovakia. The village of Terchová, placed approx. 25 kilometres distant from Žilina, is a mian centre of Small Fatra.

The road from Žilina to Terchová leads through wide valley. Many smalll houses are to be found along the road, where even no hills are to be seen.

On the other hand, the countryside of Terchová has absolutely different character. Small hills which bordered your way till now, became higher and must be named as tops of mountains. On mountain peaks, known under name of Small Fatra, white snow is to be observed. The wind is freezing, but it is sunny. Anyway, you feel that the weather in April in mountains is not ideal.


Despite this fact, Terchová is overcrowded with people, during Easter holidays. If you did not book your accommodadion in hotel or boarding house in advance, you could not get it on spot at all. All places are booked. It is obvious, that busy life returned, after cold and long winter period, into birthplace of brigand Juraj Jánošík, Slovak hero.

The tourists who are not planning their excursions, could fully rely on cordiality of local people. The fact that they receive immediately a money for their services, they are ready to release their place even in their own beds. The accommodation in private homes is a standard form, offered by local people.

The mountains are main target and temptation for all visitors. Terchová, where you can admire local St. Cyril and Method Church, including wooden Christmas crib and Juraj Jánošík´s tin-monster statue, situated on the hill-top, is not main local attraction.

Juraj JanosikTerchováfront of the church of St. Cyril and Methodius

Easter in Terchová

Kriváň and the rest

Velká Kriváň (Great Kriváň - 1709 m)) is the highest peak of Small Fatra Mountains. The access is rather rough, if you have the intention to do it from Vratna Valley. But, provided you choose rope railway „climbing“, so Velký Kriváň would be your comfortable target. All persons who are able from physically point of view, would with pleasure change marvellous outlook for some drops of sweat. As a „top“ of your experience, it could be small throng on mountain hillock with another tourists, wishing to make there your best photo.

From upper rope railway station, the concentration of persons is smaller and smaller. A choice of routes, where you can go, passing Small Fatra Mountains, is innumerable. Nevertheless, it is worth to overcome Small Rozsutec Peak, where a way, secured with chains, from Medzi-Rozsutec Col is leading. Or, you can choose more difficult but more variegated way via Horné and Dolné Diery (Upper and Lower Holes). You are also recommended to visit Great Rozsutec, Small Kriváň or Chleb.

Small Fatra MountainsSmall Fatra MountainsSmall Fatra Mountains

Upper Lift Station - Krivan - Chleb

Bear´s Path - where to go?

Even several years ago, the bears were scarse animal sorts there. Who saw the bear, he had good luck and an experience for a rest of his life. Nevertheless, at present, a number of these brown hairy animals is estimated to 800 individuals. Some data mention even 1000 animals, so there are many bears in the mountains, and their number must be limited, for sure.

So, you must pay attention, walking especially outside tourist marked paths, and check all what would seem to be rather mystic. Even bear's den (hole)would belong to such myths. So attention, please! Your meeting with a bear could be fascinating but also life-dangerous event!

Text/foto/video: Klára Svobodová

Translation: ing. Jan Jonáš


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