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SVK: Vychylovka I. - Museum Of Kysuca Village

Published: 27.10.2011
Beautiful Slovakia thanks to geography and historical development of complex features not only its wealth of natural resources, but also many cultural and historical monuments. Above all they have magnetizing ability to attract not only visitors from far afield, but also from abroad.

Today we are visiting Kysuce distinctive region, particularly its eastern part, where is a unique nature museum - Kysuca museum.

Museum of Kysuca village on Vychylka

In the beautiful countryside surrounding the protected area Kysuce, in the mountains Kysucká Highlands, is located the Museum of Kysuca village. This extremely interesting museum with an integral part is made by forest historic Back Swath Railway, can be found in the village of New Bystrica, in part Vychylovka.

How to get there

If you go there by train, you need to get out in Čadca and then continue by regular bus, which will take you to the local part Vychylovka. If you will arrive there by car from the main road between Zilina and CADC, in the beautiful Kysucou, you have to turn toward the Old Bystrica. Here I suggest you do a short break. In the center on the renovated square, is located the unique of Kysuce, but the whole of Slovakia. The facade of culture house you will see the largest wooden statue of the Slovak Republic - Slovak Astronomical Clock in Old Bystrica. To the Vychylovka it is then just jump. To the village New Bystrica you will still continue straight along the main road. Just keep the information boards along the road. Just before Vychylovka keep left and continue straight along the old road (new road leading to the right, would you led the Orava). It will lead you to free parking just few meters away from the museum. On the route between the parking lot and entrance to the museum on your left side you will find a small mountain waterhole. The water is drinkable so there stops many tourists to refresh. So maybe you will have to wait for a moment in line may need due to little drink.

Nature Museum and Back Swath forest railway

Tickets for the museum and tickets to the historic Forest Back Swath Railway you can buy in a small wooden shelter, located next to the depot. So even if you decide you won´t go by train for this time, you have a great chance to see standing train. Here is its starting station. You can even also meet it, when you will walk cross the museum its narrow tracks not just once intersect guided tour of the museum. However, if you have enough time, you definitely should not miss train ride. It's a wonderful experience for both children and adults. But will tell you more about that in our next article. Today we want to stay mainly in Museum of Kysuca village.

What is possible to see there?

The cornerstone of the regional ethnographic exhibition, which is part of Kysucka Museum in Čadca, was put in 1974. Museum of Kysuca village offers to visitor to see into the life of village people to Kysuca during the nineteenth and early twentieth century. In addition to typical residential and farm buildings from this period, you can admire some the technical buildings, such as the mill and sawmill from Klubina. Very interesting is also the chapel of the Virgin Mary and the adjacent cemetery with cast-iron crosses imported from the village Zborov Bystrica. In the apartment house originally built in 1806 in Oscadnica is a souvenir shop today.

If you are hungry during the tour of the museum, please visit the ancient inn, which originally stood in the village of Korn. You can taste some of the traditional Slavonic meals. The period atmosphere is also made by young waitresses dressed in traditional costume, or in the Slovak dialect written menu. During the main tourist season, from May to October, the museum regularly hosts Sunday thematic programs, such as associated with folk music, craft, or presentations of folk customs.

If you are hungry during the tour of the museum, visit the ancient pub, which originally stood in the village of Korna. You can taste some of the traditional Slavonic meals. The atmosphere is also made by young waitresses dressed in traditional costume, or in the Slovak dialect written menu. During the main tourist season, from May to October, the museum regularly hosts Sunday thematic programs, such as associated with folk music, craft, or presentations of folk customs.

Text/photo: O. Maňáková

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