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Switzerland, Winterthur – Visiting Technorama and Hegi Chateau

Published: 19.3.2022
Several kilometers southwest of Zurich (ca 30) there is the sixth largest Swiss city of Winterhur. Heavily based on service and technology economy, the city inspired us to visit it.

Locals dubb this town Winti. It is one of the busiest junctions in the country. There are freeways and connection to Zurich airport. Hence, it is easy to get to the city from anywhere in the world.

Winterthur – městský dům

The settlement of the area dates back to the Roman era. Its modern history starts off in 1180. It saw battles, the Industrial Revolution, economic recession, and world wars. The events made the city the heart of Swiss railroad industry. Banking and insurance also flourished here for one world's largest banks (UBS), and an insurance company which goes by the same as the city. The technology sector is mostly represented by the company producing ecological vehicles, Technikum is the main educational facility, and the Club of Rome, the instution researching international affairs, climate change, world economic growth etc.


Local chamber orchestra and Open Doors international artistic group are the most famous culture products of this city. Yet we were more interested in sights or attractions. Winterthur features many museums, especially the Museum of Arts, Vila Flora, the Museum of Photography, or TECHNORAMA science museum.

Winterthur – Technorama

Winterthur – Technorama   Winterthur – Technorama

And to Technorama did we go. This unique experimental environment let visitors deepen their knowledge on different nature phenomenna. Over 500 exhibits give you the knowledge of physics, nature, and the life itself. Being one of the most important science centers in the world, around 250 thousand visitors enter this museum annualy.  Spielzeugeisenbahn-Sammlung Bommer, a world collection of metal toys is alos a part of the museum. The museum is truly wonderful and informative. You will spend there hours upon hours without ever wanting to leave.

Winterthur – Technorama

Upon the tour in the science center, stop by at Hegi chateau. It is considered a typical example of late Gothic dominon in the northeastern part of Switzerland. Built in 1225, this cultural sight takes you back to the Middle-Ages. You walk through Gothic chambers, see the insides of the chapel with beautiful stained glass windows, frescoes, and other decoration. A revitalized vegetables garden wraps the chateau. Flower and herb gardens is under contsruction.

Winterthur – Hegi chateau

Hegi chateau   Hegi chateau

Winterthur left us with deep impression. We enjoyed its historic atmosphere, the modern museum, and the chateau. 

Winterthur - Hegi chateau (garden)Winterthur - Hegi chateau (garden)GPS: 47°30'48.3"N 8°45'50.0"E


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: Mário Lipovský, Wikipedia:Ikiwaner (Town House), Roland zh (TECHNORAMA)

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