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Switzerland, Zurich – Visiting a Science Museum

Published: 3.12.2017
Today, we take you once again to Zurich. This time we visit ETH Zurich university, one of world's leading universities in technology and nature sciences.

K univerzitě, kde studuje přes 18 000 studentů z více než 110 zemí světa, se nejsnadněji dostanete městskou hromadnou dopravou. Zastávky nesou stejnojmenné pojmenování – ETH. Hned u školy sídlí i velká Univerzitní nemocnice, takže s orientací byste neměli mít problém.

Spolková vysoká technická škola

Univerzita je úzce spojena s desítkami nositelů Nobelovy ceny. Naším cílem je však muzeum, které sice spravuje univerzita, ale zároveň působí jako samostatná instituce. Hlavní vstup do muzea je z ulice Sonneggstrasse 5.

muzeum focusTerra

muzeum focusTerra    muzeum focusTerra

Muzeum focusTerra is fascinating and provides for dynamic walk through the history of the Earth. It offers unique geological-paleontological-mineralogical collections, relief maps of mountains, and the huge Omniglobe on which nature processes of the Earth are projected in 3D. The room where an earthquake simulation takes place is among the highlights in the museum, you may exprience as high as 8th grade on Richter's scale. However, there are several limitations which you have to learn at the box office of the museum. A 160-kg crystal mass will surely catch your attention. It dominates the mineralogical exposition. Also, notice one of the first artistic reproduction of the Earth in the Prehistoric era by R. Holzhalborn. Moreover, there is a playful study room where you may look through many publications about the Earth or play with huge puzzle game.

muzeum focusTerra

muzeum focusTerra    muzeum focusTerra

Special exhibitions take place in the science museum. They will take to the moon as well as Mars, or Venus. You will travel through space and learn about different celestial bodies. Also, you will learn about scientific research and see what researchers do.

muzeum focusTerra

muzeum focusTerra    muzeum focusTerra

Amazing and grandiose interior of the museum sees many school trips, workshops, concerts, or talks. Many of the items on display are interactive. You won't get bored in here.


Muzeum focusTerra is well adjusted for families who may spend there hours upon hours. A walk and vista on the museum's top floor will make the day even better. From here you will see Zurich amazingly. If you love to explore and find something new, local museum is the place for you.

GPS: 47°22'42.7"N 8°32'51.3"E


Text: Oskár Mažgút

Photos: Mário Lipovský

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